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Cree launches new LS-FD high efficiency linear luminaire

Cree launches new LS-FD high efficiency linear luminaire

Dec 15, 2016: Cree, Inc. expands the market-leading LS Series LED surface ambient portfolio with the introduction of the new LS-FD high efficiency linear luminaire. The new luminaire delivers excellent light quality and energy efficiency at 130 lumens per watt for greater savings and faster payback, and serves as an ideal replacement for linear fluorescent lighting in retail, industrial or commercial spaces. The LS-FD High Efficiency products provide customers more choices from Cree, adding to the original LS Series TrueWhite products, which offer exceptional 90-plus CRI color rendering for applications in which color accuracy is the driving consideration.

“Cree’s new LS-FD High Efficiency surface ambient luminaire provides an optimal balance of energy savings and color rendering available with an attractive design, application flexibility and simplified installation,” said David Elien, Cree senior vice president and general manager, lighting. “Its versatile performance makes it easier than ever to make the switch to better LED technology.”

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The LS-FD High Efficiency luminaire produces better light experiences for new construction and upgrade applications demanding extreme efficiency and application flexibility. Its slim design features a uniquely adaptive and elegant form factor that outshines box-like fluorescent strip and wrap luminaires. A full-length lens housing allows multiple fixtures to be quickly installed for seamless, uniform illumination. The luminaire also features new product enhancements that allow fast and easy installation for a no-hassle upgrade from fluorescent strip and wrap fixtures.

The new Cree LS-FD High Efficiency luminaire is DesignLights Consortium Premium qualified for maximum utility rebates and energy savings, often with a payback of two years or less. It also comes standard with best-in-class dimming to five percent, versus the 10 percent typical of fluorescent luminaires. Backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty, the product offers exceptional longevity and performance with a 75,000-hour lifetime at 35 C.

The full family of LS Series products features a highly diffused lens that eliminates pixilation and is available in color temperatures of 3500K, 4000K or 5000K.

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