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Deco Lighting to use robots to reduce production time

Deco Lighting to use robots to reduce production time

Jan 16, 2017: Deco Lighting, a leading green lighting technology manufacturer, is planning to deploy Rethink Robotics’ high-performance Sawyer robots to reduce production time with precision sub-assembly on each line. By introducing Sawyer into this process, Deco Lighting hopes to reduce assembly time on its products from about an hour per unit to less than five minutes.

Deco Lighting marks a paradigm shift in the LED lighting industry through optimization in design and manufacturing. With the deployment of Sawyer robots at the start of the assembly line, Deco plans to significantly cut down assembly time in the factory, drastically reduce the risk of human injury and shorten the lead time for customers.

Deco is also exploring using Sawyer to improve its flexible manufacturing processes by using the robot in a “lights out” scenario overnight, to keep production running during off hours. A believer in the next-generation of smart manufacturing, the Deco Lighting team is always looking to optimize the design and manufacturing process at its facility and has found significant opportunity for Sawyer.

“Sawyer is the next step in our tradition of continuous innovation,” said Ben Pouladian, co-founder and president at Deco Lighting. “The robot works much like a smartphone, enabling our employees to intuitively and simply train and position the robot as needed. Our goal has always been to serve the growing need for energy-efficient, sustainable lighting and smart control solutions and we see Sawyer drastically improving our production time and positively impacting our bottom line.”

A division of DECO Enterprises, Deco Lighting specializes in the manufacturing of innovative, next-generation LED lighting solutions that improve lighting quality and efficiency, and enhance the environment through reduced energy consumption. DECO Enterprises has over 50 years combined experience in lighting manufacturing and has produced many innovative products, which have shaped today’s industry.

“Deco Lighting is a prime example of a company that will leverage smart, collaborative robots to significantly improve its manufacturing process,” said Jim Lawton, chief product and marketing officer at Rethink Robotics. “Forward-thinking companies like Deco Lighting will have a significant competitive advantage as they are able to manufacture products faster and longer by using Sawyer.”

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