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Delhi firm aims to make LEDs safe for eyes with light diffusers

Delhi firm aims to make LEDs safe for eyes with light diffusers

By BizLED Bureau

May 26, 2016: The leading manufacturer of masterbatches, Alok is looking to step into the LED industry. The Delhi-based firm is aiming to make the LEDs safe to the eyes with its innovative light diffusing products.

There is simply no doubt that LED has varied advantages such as energy efficiency, power savings etc. At the same time, researchers have said that LEDs can cause health issues, particularly retinal damage.

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According to a study, exposure to LED lights may cause permanent harm to the eye particularly the retina since the light emitted from LEDs may be extremely bright and harsh in the absence of a protective shield. 90% of the LED lamps in India don’t have protective shield, according to recent studies.

Delhi firm aims to make LEDs safe for eyes with light diffusers

In order to solve the issue, Alok Masterbatches have come up with a light diffusing (LD) technology by adding a plastic filter in front of the LEDs. Currently, such masterbatches are being imported and, thus, have a high price point. With this, the company aims to reduce the cost of LED products and boost access to safe LED lights in the nation.

Vikram Bhadauria, director of Alok Masterbatches said that LDA is the result of Alok Technology Incubation Centre (ATIC) in partnership with CIPET. The company produces LDA masterbatches for commercial purpose, he added.

What is light diffusing masterbatch?

LDM operates on the idea of diffusing harmful light into a softer form, without surrendering the lumen intensity of the LEDs. When compared to conventional light diffusers, the LDM does not make the light dim rather than diffused. More significantly, it does not cause any harm to the eyes.

The demand for LED has grown manifolds in India particularly due to the government’s encouragement to use LEDs. Under the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP), adopted by the government, 770 Million LED bulbs will be replacing the conventional bulbs by 201

This growing market has opened up an enormous opportunity for Alok to endorse its LDA masterbatch, promoted under LumaNex brand, which can assist in production of safe LED lights.

To boost the acceptance for its LDA masterbatch, Alok is operating closely with the LED manufacturers to fit standards and requirement.

Bhadauria said that the company is working with the LED industry to regulate the product specifications and to include them into the latest BIS standards for the LED lights.

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Furthermore, he added that the manufacture of the LDA needs a specialized production and testing infrastructure. Alok is planning to upscale the same in a rapid manner with the standardisation of LED ecosystem and increase in customer awareness.

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