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Demand for India-made LED lights more this Diwali

Demand for India-made LED lights more this Diwali
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By BizLED Bureau

Oct 18, 2016: This Diwali, sales of India-made LED lights have picked up across India. Contrary to 2015, this Diwali, there is high demand for India manufactured LED lights compared to the cheap Chinese lights.

Not only LED decorative lights, but LED indoor and outdoor lights are also much in demand this festive season.“People are demanding LED lights to decorate their homes during Diwali. This season demand for LED lights, particularly LED strip lights, LED bulbs and LED tube lights have picked up. This year our sales figure for this quarter will be more than last year,” says a happy shopkeeper at a retail shop in Delhi.

Sadar Bazar, the biggest wholesale market in Delhi, is flooded with non-branded as well as branded LED lights. With people boycotting Chinese LED lights, the Indian manufacturers are rejoicing, and the retail shopkeepers say that sale for india-made LED lights is much higher this year, in fact, a little more than last year.

Although, Opposition party MPs want the government to impose blanket ban on Chinese goods like LED lights, Sadar Baazar is not affected much as it is full of options like India made lights, LED lights from major brands as well as Chinese products. “India made LED lights are more in demand this year, despite the Chinese lights are much cheaper,” says Ravi Dutt, a shopkeeper at Sadar Baazar.

This year, all over India, local markets are flooded with LED lights in shapes of diyas, candles, to LED strip lights to LED bulbs and LED tube lights, many made by Indian manufacturers—small and big. Buyers have a huge variety to choose from—price wise as well as color wise. “This year we have kept 100 per cent Indian LED lights,” says Manpreet Singh, co-owner of Kuku Light House at Sadar Bazar.

Demand for India-made LED lights

The rise in demand for India-made LED lights is mainly due to the government’s call for Swadesi and the recent online campaign against Chinese products, which went viral after the Uri attacks. Although it is to be see if this change is temporary or not, definitely this strategy will strengthen India-made products like LED lights which will add to the Indian economy as a whole.

Attractive cost

The cost factor is a real attraction. LED lights manufactured by the Indian manufacturers have become less expensive, but these still cannot match the Chinese lights which are much less expensive. Yet, this year people are going for India LED lights rather than Chinese ‘mirchi’ lights, the most-sought after LED light since the last couple of years.

Says Lokesh Singh, owner of an electric shop at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, “A drastic decline in the prices can be witnessed in LED lights this year. The huge demand for LED lights for Diwali has brought down the price.”

Like last year, LED rice lights are much in demand varying in colours like red, blue, yellow, green and pink. The gel lights are available at Rs 25-30 per packet. Chinese ‘mirchi’, that was priced at Rs 30-35 for four metres is now available at Rs 20-22 (four metres). “However, the quality of these lights has gone down. Even the size of the coil has been shortened,” says Singh.

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