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Developing a smart city? Here are top outdoor LED lights to use

Developing a smart city? Here are top outdoor LED lights to use

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 17, 2017: Smart cities are the ‘cities of future’ and the need of the hour. Three prime factors—urbanization, economic growth and environmental challenges—necessitate erecting such cities today. No wonder, today, they are envisioned by governments across the globe. Indian government, for instance, has already envisaged a plan of 100 smart cities by 2022.

Combining technology with sustainability is a major tenet of a smart city project. Thus, smart city planners are signing up for greener options for several utilities. Outdoor lighting forms a major challenge for the architects of smart planning and LED lights provide an eco-friendly solution for the same.

Why do we need eco-friendly solutions for outdoor lighting?

Researchers have shown that the Earth has heated up by about 0.6 degree Celsius in the last hundred years. The increasing amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere is one of the major reasons for this alarming climate change. Rapid modernization has called for massive electricity consumption, and outdoor lights that consume a great deal of energy are putting an extra burden on the electricity reservoir.

Why use LED for outdoor lighting?

LED technology has proved to be revolutionary in the sphere of outdoor illumination. Conventional lighting solutions like fluorescent and mercury vapor lights use a conventional filament and thus, cause serious harm to the environment because of high level of toxic content and UV emissions. But with LED lights coming into the picture, one can expect a better future as they emit much lesser heat in the environment and are eco-friendly.

With the use of green lighting sources, such as LEDs, the lighting pollution can be curbed significantly. Thus, experts advise conventional lighting sources be replaced with energy-efficient LEDs to ensure sustainable living.

Best LED lights for outdoors

LEDs conform to the philosophy of smart living. Therefore, developers of a smart city project opt for LED products to ensure efficient outdoor lighting. Here’s an impressive list to choose from.

Developing a smart city? Here are top outdoor LED lights to use

Wipro Skyline LED

LED streetlight: The Skyline LED streetlight by Wipro is an efficient connected road lighting solution. The intelligent controls and energy saving features of the product make it an apt choice for smart cities. Being aesthetically designed to suit urban architecture, Skyline LED ensures a better thermal management and boasts a long service life.


Developing a smart city? Here are top outdoor LED lights to use

Wipro Fantasy LED Bollard

LED bollard light: Bollard lights have come a long way from being just used on docks to moor ships. Today they are effectively used for pathways, parks, parking areas, passages and playgrounds. Bollard lights create pools of diffused lighting to define walkways and offer potent ambient lighting.

 LED strip light: For public parks and gaming zones, LED strip lights are an ideal pick. Along with ensuring uniform distribution of light with high energy efficiency, LED strip lights also prove to be an economical option in the long run. LED strip lights are infrequently replaced, and are ideal for public places where quick maintenance may not be possible every time. The long shelf life, is another plus of the product.

LED floodlight: Uniform lighting is the USP of LED floodlights. The green lighting solution is apt for wide open spaces, parks and other outdoor public areas. The Alpha LED Floodlight from Wipro is three-in-one solution for area lighting, road lighting and landscape lighting. Elegant, architectural and modern in design, the Alpha LED floodlight ensures uniform light distribution in a wide area with high lumen output.

Developing a smart city? Here are top outdoor LED lights to use

Pathway luminaire: Pavements must have a pathway luminaire to ensure pedestrians’ safety during the night time. LED pathway luminaires help in uniform lighting on pathways to prevent the chances of accidents. LED pathway luminaires, like the Urbano LED Pathway by Wipro, is an elegant and energy efficient choice. These contribute significantly to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

Developing a smart city? Here are top outdoor LED lights to use

Wipro Urbano LED Pathway

Post top LEDs: Post top lighting has become an inevitable part of any residential or commercial society. Not just entry and exit gates, but every other pillar is illuminated with post top LEDs. Energy-efficient LEDs are widely used in smart cities for post top lighting instead of traditional fluorescent lamps, as they are long-lasting and energy efficient.

LED outdoor lighting options are in demand not just because of their long life and energy efficiency feature, but also because they ensure green lighting. As an eco-friendly choice, LED outdoor lights are here to stay.

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