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Dow Corning expands LED packaging design, launches 3 silicone coatings

Dow Corning expands LED packaging design, launches 3 silicone coatings

Jan 20, 2017: Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, significantly expanded the design flexibilities for LED packaging manufacturers today with the addition of three new highly reflective silicone coatings to its fast-growing portfolio of advanced LED solutions. Offering targeted solutions for cutting-edge LED designs – such as chip scale (CSP) and chip on-board (COB) packaging – the three new products also deliver versatile processing options ranging from conventional dispensing to emerging printing methods.

All introduced under the Dow Corning label, the three new products include WR-3001 Die Edge Coat, WR-3100 Die Edge Coat and WR-3120 Reflective Coating. In the future, products are planned to be added to match customer required processes.

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“Manufacturers are aggressively seeking to design smaller, more efficient and cost-effective LED packages, which is driving demand for advanced new reflective materials that enable evolving application processes such as printing, and withstand increasingly stringent operating conditions,” said Takuhiro Tsuchiya, global marketing manager at Dow Corning. “These three cutting-edge coatings are only the first of a range of new products that we have in store for the industry. A proactive and collaborative innovator, Dow Corning formulated these three reflective silicone coatings specifically to help customers overcome today’s greatest design challenges and deliver highly reliable and differentiated products in the fiercely competitive LED market.”

As with all of Dow Corning reflective materials, the three new grades maintain high reflectivity at low thicknesses and retain their performance at sustained temperatures of 150°C – a temperature at which many organic coatings crack and yellow. Listed in order of increasing hardness, the new products include:

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WR-3001 Die Edge Coat targets high-power CSP applications that demand LED materials with high thermal- and photostability. It is compatible with conventional dispensing processes.
WR-3100 Die Edge Coat is formulated for CSP applications and low- to middle-power LED package designs. Compatible with conventional dispensing equipment, it delivers comparatively high hardness of Shore D 65 after cure, making it suitable with chip dicing processes.

WR-3120 Reflective Coating also provides high thermal- and photostability suitable for high-power LED packaging applications, as well as the highest hardness of Dow Corning’s three new products. Suitable for printing processes, this advanced silicone further offers the highest reflectivity for enhanced LED performance.

A market leader in materials, expertise and collaborative innovation for LED lighting concepts, Dow Corning offers solutions that span the entire LED value chain, adding reliability and efficiency for sealing, protecting, adhering, cooling and shaping light across all lighting applications.

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