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EESL clarifies stand on LED bulb distribution scheme in Karnataka

EESL clarifies stand on LED bulb distribution scheme in Karnataka

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 19, 2016: Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a Public Energy Services Company under Ministry of Power, Government of India is successfully running the LED bulb distribution sceheme in state of Karnataka since December 2015. EESL has clarified that there is no disparity in bulb pricing for products sold under Hosa Belaku Yojana in Karnataka.

The program is termed as Hosa Belaku Yojana in Karnataka, which has distributed more than 2.3 million LED bulbs across the state. EESL owes the success of the programme to the people of the state who have come forward and joined this scheme to make their homes energy efficient.

Some media of the media reported prices differences for LED bulb under the Hosa Belaku Yojana. EESL clarified that there is no differential pricing for various consumers under the sceheme. The price of 9W LED bulb has been fixed at Rs 100 and has not been sold at any other price.

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In another news, Social Media is going abuzz with reports claiming that LED bulbs distributed under the Hosa Belaku Yojana in Karnataka categorically state ‘not for sale’ on the bulb. EESL further clarified that ‘not for sale’is a disclaimer to discourage LED bulbs retail selling. These bulbs are only available through our dedicated distribution counters and cannot be bought from anywhere other centre. The government will take strict legal action against those who are found selling these bulbs in the retail market.

With this scheme, power savings have been close to Rs 3 million per day, and reduction in peak load by 67.5 MW. Not to mention the environmental impact, which has resulted in reduction of 633 tonnes of CO2 emission. The energy savings per day is about 7 lakh kWh.

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LED bulbs distributed under the scheme by EESL, are run through a series of critical quality tests before the distribution starts. Photobiological safety testing of LED products is carried out in advance to ensure protection of skin and eye from potentially harmful optical radiation as the LED bulbs have BIS specification IS 16102 (Part 1) and (Part 2): 2012 for self-ballasted lamps. EESL is committed towards consumers safety, health and environmental issues alike.

EESL is a joint program of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, Rural Electrification Corporation, Power Finance Corporation, and POWERGRID and was set up under Ministry of Power to facilitate implementation of energy efficiency projects.

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