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Effective way to improve color consistency in LED lights

Effective way to improve color consistency in LED lights

By BizLED Bureau

June 1, 2017: LEDs have emerged as significant light sources for general lighting, and are being applied extensively in several applications. However, when it comes to light quality produced by LEDs, there is still scope for improvement, particularly its color consistency.

Change LED binning method

An effective way to improve color consistency is to change the LED binning method to employ the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) 2015 10° color space. Recently, CIE came up with 10° binning to certify hitherto unparalleled color consistency for white LEDs. Until now, the paradigm international color space for general lighting has been CIE 1931 2°.

In 1964, CIE published a new 10° xtandard observer color space, which was not used in the industry. So, it came up with CIE 2015 10° u´v´ color space.

Highlights of 10° binning

10° binning for LEDs has certain benefits which makes it interesting. In the standard CIE 1931 2° color space, two LEDs can display clearly different white tones regardless of the exact same color coordinates,

On the other hand, in white chip-on-board (COB) LEDs, the differences in color can be particularly unpleasant. The increasing demands on the quality of light produced by LEDs have resulted in more discussions in terms of color consistency.

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To deal with the issue, Osram is using white-LED binning for some COB LEDs based on the CIE 2015 10° u´v´ color space. The core highlight of 10° color space is that it offers correct and realistic rendering of color perception.

Matching human perception

According to Osram, white binning with a 10° viewing angle matches human color perception in a much closer manner.

In 10° binning, chief color differences can be avoided through varied spectral shapes. Osram combined a recent scientific finding on cones with primary knowledge relating to chromaticity chart with its vital axes connected to physics, and is applying the results to certain LEDs used in general lighting.

Osram has termed the technology as TEN°, which is available in a series of COB products. With the new binning method, the LEDs will guarantee unparalleled color consistency.

However, the 10° binning will not replace existing standards, but only add to them for now. This means that consumers can still implement their particulars products and applications without any troubles.

Future of binning

Binning delivers a consistent, cost-effective, and smart approach to resolve the issue of color consistency in LED lighting between cost pressures on one hand and high quality requirements on the other.Binning will also enable lighting designers to deliver projects with uniform whites in commercial as well as residential applications.

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 Industry experts believe that Osram’s new white binning is the correct way to improve the color quality of an LED lighting system.

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