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Electrolube resolves LED color issue with UR5634 resin

Electrolube resolves LED color issue with UR5634 resin

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 21, 2016: In consultations with its UK-based technical unit Electrolube, the India-based manufacturer of chemical products for the electronics industry, has resolved an LED lighting unit potting problem. The issue was related to the resin encapsulation that was causing improper color shift in the light through an LED strip luminaire.

Resin was used to resolve the issue

Electrolube carried out someinitial trials by potting the strip luminaires to depth of 5.5 mm with the help of its UR5634 resin, which is extensively used for encapsulating LED systems. The UR5634 resin is completely UV resistant due to its protective and decorative properties. This makes it particularly useful as an encapsulant for applications exposed to direct sunlight.

The resin helped a colour shift from the LED array, from the specified 4,000K neutral white to cool white of 6,500K.  It was recommended to use an LED that offered a colour temperature below the specified colour temperature, and one operating in the 2,500K to the 3,000K range was used. These were potted with UR5634 resin to 5.5 mm depth, which helped to bring the LED light back to the desired colour

Electrolube’s semi-rigid polyurethane resin, created with a hazy/cloudyoutlook that is perfect for dispersing light, was used. The diffused light generated by this resin meant that an extra diffuser medium was no longer needed, permitting the customer to attain the necessary aesthetic appearance. Further, the right color temperature can be achieved through trials with a variety of resin potting depths.

Properties of UR5635 resin

There are a number of requirements for protection compounds within LED applications. Examples include thermally conductive materials to help dissipate heat away from the LED array. Other essential properties include colour temperature shift of the LED, colour constancy of the resin and UV resistance.

Electrolube’s UR5635 proved to be the ideal LED protection solution. UR5635 is a semi-rigid polyurethane resin that creates a light diffusing effect. Manufacturers believe that UR5635 is as an effective and dependable LED resin for decorative as well as protective applications, mostly due to its cloudy outlook and unique ability to diffuse light.

The UR5635 resin exhibits excellent water and weather resistance, along with outstanding resistance to acids and alkalis. These qualities make it suitable for several environments and a robust potting compound. Further, it is resistant to UV light, and is thus, used as an outdoor LED encapsulant or for use in other applications where it is exposed to direct sunlight.

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