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ELP Lighting launches 3 LED product lines

ELP Lighting launches 3 LED product lines

Jan 29, 2016: ELP adds LED options to three popular product lines, once again taking advantage of Osram?s powerful PrevaLED® arrays for the linear lighting sources. LED versions of the one of a kind DW Family, Display Wall Wash/Grazer, along with two Down Light families, the DL Series and its GRG ?cast? cousin, the SITC Series ?Slot in the Ceiling? are now available. Primarily a fluorescent manufacturer until 2012, ELP started incorporating LED into the product line after the technology finally became powerful enough to provide competitive light levels. These new LED selections are the latest in the continuing transition of ELP?s advancing products.

The DW Family for display wall washing or grazing, are narrow (6 inch wide) linear fixtures specifically designed for close placement to the surface to be illuminated (less than 24 inches). Their indirect optical system provides even, unscalloped illumination with no glare or view of LEDs from any angle. A strong vertical throw of light, providing over 790 lumens per foot, concentrates on smoothing out the brightness at the top of the wall compared to other typical wall wash instruments. The fixtures are IC Rated and offered for recessed gypsum or T-bar and surface mount installations. Wall Slot, Trimless and Continuous Mount options are also available.

One of the Down Lights added to offerings with LED options is the DL Family. These recessed linear down lights are offered with two distinctly different lens appearances. The standard lens has a ?lift and shift? installation and sits at the ceiling plane. Recessed into the fixture, the ?Recessed Lens? (RL) option sits above a high reflectance, diffuse silver reflector with parabolic sides offering an edgier, more layered look to the face of the fixture. Fixtures with standard lens can provide more than 1500 lumens per foot. These Down Lights with the same 6 inch width as the DW Family above, can be grouped with each other in continuous rows when both down lights and asymmetric wash are required. They are also IC Rated and offered for recessed gypsum or T-bar installations with Trimless and Continuous Mount options.

Unlike the metal DL Series Down Lights, the SITC Series ?Slot in the Ceiling? Down Lights provide a totally different finished look with its GRG (Glass fiber Reinforced Gypsum) composite casting. Allowance is made for 5/8? gypsum board construction butting the casting to be finished as any typical gypsum seam with tape, mud and sanding. The linear fixtures integrate into the structure and become part of the ceiling, without any visible metal in the normal viewing angles. Once installed, they actually appear to be part of your ceiling and look like a custom formed drywall ?light niche? that blends with any interior motif. Individual units are offered in 2, 3 and 4 foot lengths. It is also available in a continuous mount version that assembles the rows at the jobsite. Continuous mount installations can be supplied in 6, 10 and 13 inch wide apertures. The newest 13 inch aperture was developed for the Delta Baggage Claim located at the Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal 5 , that is currently being installed.

All of the new additions are IC Rated and provided standard with dimming options and a choice of LEDs colors in 3000K, 3500K or 4000K. The DW Family is also available in 2700K. Additionally, a 5 year warranty is standard with all LED luminaires.

ELP designs high performance and specialty LED fixtures to meet today?s architectural lighting challenges. Unobtrusive luminaires are paramount with reflectors that optimize the light source to inconspicuously illuminate environments without glare, and provide the appropriate quality and quantity of light for the task. This boutique lighting manufacturer will continue to utilize new technology for developing more effective and efficient luminaires.

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