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Eon Electric wins LED streetlight contractwortg Rs 510 million

Eon Electric wins LED streetlight contractwortg Rs 510 million

July 13, 2015: Eon Electric Limited (EEL) has won a contract worth Rs 510 million to install LED streetlights in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

The company won the contract through government sponsored open bidding process from Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL). It will now be associated with the Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh governments to help them transform the way electricity is best utilized to save energy.

About 60,000 LED streetlights will be installed in Jodhpur (Rajasthan), and 13,000 in Aligarh. These streetlights will be installed with centrally controlled system, which majorly monitors the continuous performance and energy preservation of these LED streetlights, informed Eon.

LED lights are known to generate more power per watt than normal incandescent lights. CFL Lights produce 60-65 lumen per watt, and LED lamps or lights produce 80-90 lumen per watt.

LED lights serve the people by providing anti-glare and adequate lighting on the streets, avoiding any untoward incidences while driving or walking on the streets. The installation of LED lamps along the road ensures higher levels of safety for pedestrians, particularly for women, young children and elderly people who are not quite aware about road safety norms.

Chairman of VP Mahendru said, ?With the Government of India?s initiatives to conserve energy, LED lights are projected to replace conservative lights. Industry experts have planned that the demand for LED Sstreetlights in India to be worth Rs 395,000 million by 2020. He further went on to say, ?Eon has expanded its portfolio to a range of LED Bulbs and LED streetlights from conventional/CFL lights, to support the national objective of 24×7 power supply for all through indigenous manufacturing.?

Mahendru also spoke about their expansion plans through Africa, Middle East and South-East Asian countries. They are currently exporting their LED lights and products to Dubai.

Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. has played a major role in changing the energy landscape of India, which is now comparable to the world standards. They are consistently improving and establishing high standards of technical specifications. Their dedication and innovation has prompted many lighting manufacturers to change the way they think and introduce and upgrade their manufacturing facilities, as prescribed by EESL.

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