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Epileds faces lawsuit from Epistar over IR LED patents infringement

Epileds faces lawsuit from Epistar over IR LED patents infringement

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 9, 2016: LED manufacturer Epileds is facing a lawsuit from Taiwan’s biggest LED die manufacturer, Epistar, over a patent infringement matter. Epistar has accused Epileds of selling infringing products to lower level suppliers. The news was confirmed by an official press release from the complainant company.

In a complaint filed on Jan. 8, 2016 in Taiwanese Intellectual Property Court, alleges Epileds IR LED products. The list includes “BN-D4242J-A3”, “BN-D4242E-A3”and other IR LED products which violate Epistar’s IR LED patents No. 141155, 170789, 202662 and I283031.

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Epistar has successfully deployed patents in the infrared LED (IR LED) sector for years. The company has special resources in the innovation of photonic semiconductor technology, as well as ultra-high brightness AlGaInP LED chips.

Epistar is maintaining a low profile over the patent infringement issue, but the management decided to inform Epileds for patent infringement matters after being affected by other manufacturers copying their products for years. Officials at Epistar gave importance to the fact that intellectual property is the basis of product development and leads to business competitiveness. Currently, the matter is being discussed with the legal team to decide the future course of the matter.

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On the other hand, Epileds hold the expertise in the production of high-power LEDs such as high-power InGaN LED, AlGaInP LEDs. In recent years, they have turned their attention to non-visible LEDs markets, including IR LED EPI-wafers and chips, and UV LEDs. In terms of revenue, Epileds has garnered more profits than other Taiwanese players. However, there has been no official statement from Epileds over the lawsuit.

The legal team at Epistar is probing other LED manufacturers in patent matters and intellectual property rights.

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