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Epistar files patent infringement lawsuit against All Star Lighting

Epistar Corporation, a leading innovator and manufacturer of LED solid-state lighting technologies,

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 20, 2017: Epistar Corporation has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against All Star Lighting Supplies, Luxrite in the United States District Court for the District. According to the complaint, Luxrite’s LED filament bulbs infringe eight Epistar patents and seeks injunctive relief to halt further sale of the infringing products.

According to Epistar’s complaint, Luxrite’s LED filament bulbs such as the LR21205 Light Bulbs (P/N: LED4EFC/CL/27K) infringe one or more claims of Epistar’s US Patent Numbers 7,355,208, titled “Nitride-Based Semiconductor Element And Method Of Forming Nitride-Based Semiconductor,” 7,489,068, titled “Light Emitting Device,” 7,560,738, titled “Light-Emitting Diode Array Having An Adhesive Layer,” 8,791,467, titled “Light Emitting Diode And Method Of Making The Same,” 9,065,022, titled, “Light Emitting Apparatus,” 9,257,604, titled “Light-Emitting Device Having A Patterned Surface,” 9,488,321, titled “Illumination Device With Inclined Light Emitting Element Disposed On A Transparent Substrate,” and 9,664,340, titled “Light Emitting Device.”

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Epistar’s patents cover the fundamental LED technologies, and protects Epistar’s efforts in research and development and to preserve its patent rights.

Taiwan-based LED manufacturer Epistar’s revenue in September rose to NTD 2.476 billion, setting a new record high since April 2015. Its revenue in the third quarter of 2017 also set a new record for the past 12 quarters, reaching NTD 7.057 billion.

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