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Epistar’s QD coated CSP LEDs to revolutionize display market

Epistar’s QD coated CSP LEDs to revolutionize display market

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 31, 2016Quantum dot (QD) is one of the hottest trends across the industry with big players like Samsung, Sony and LG using it in their products. And now, Epistar is set to use QD coated CSP LEDs in LED backlight and LCD TVs. Since the company has been developing QD technology for several years, its superior and advanced technology has caught attention across the industry.

Epistar has several specialty lighting technologies in the LED industry, and is coming up with several new solutions to help resolve varied issues faced by its clients, and QD technology is one of them.

QD technology has great potential

According to a report by TrendForce, LED industry will grow at 2% CAGRfrom 2016 to 2021, indicating a saturation point for the LED industry. It will therefore be difficult for the industry to gain good profit through LED lighting alone as mainstream LED applications such as backlight and lightingis in their matured phase.Hence, the industry is looking for new application areas.

Fortunately, many niche lighting applications are emerging, which have huge market potentials, and QD technology is one of them. Hence, it is expected that Epistar’s next-generation QD coated CSP LEDs will transform the lighting industry.

Benefits of QD coated LEDs

Demand for CSP LEDs have picked up in 2016, and Epistar has come up with good end product designs.QD technology can be used in CSP LED packaging, and these type of LEDs can be applied in LED backlight, notebooks, smartphones, and tablet backlight applications to create better CRI.

Hence, it is expected that QD coated LEDs for backlight sources will deliver brighter and highly saturated colors that will be on the same level as OLEDs.  Further, it is likely that QD LEDs will surpass OLEDs color performance, and will also have lower costs.

The increasing demand for CSP LEDs have grabbed attention across the industry in 2016, and Epistar is set to introduce good end product designs by controlling its LED yield rates and dependability.

Epistar has collaborated with one ofits clients to solve CSP LED backlight design issues in edge-lit LED displays, which will further increase CSP LED demands.

Small pitch LED displays

Epistar’s powerful patent portfolio and production capacity of red LEDs (AlInGaP LEDs) provides advantages for it in LEDs for display applications. Epistar has been using QD technology in its small pitch LED displays to increase its luminous efficiency, and enhance its color performance.In the coming years, low end LED displays with large pitch distances, low resolutions for indoor displays, which will use few LEDs will have huge market share.

Small pitch LED displays are self-illuminating, and feature brilliant color performance and high brightness. Further, it’s easy maintenance, fast refresh rate and flawless splicing makes it all the more desirable in the display industry.

Epistar’s QD coated CSP LEDs to revolutionize display market

Epistar has put a lot of efforts in LED chip manufacturing by reducing the pitch size in LED displays. As a result, small pitch LED displays nowcome with higher resolutions, and users can see major increase in image resolution that is increasingly attractive for high end consumers.

 The introduction of smaller LEDs means that conventional large outdoor displays can be reduced in size to smaller indoor display sizes of 100 inch, 60 inch and even smaller displays. Full HD high resolution displays may reach 4K resolution and above in the near future, thus providing new options for the display industry.

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