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ESSL proposes LED street lighting for Dehradun

ESSL proposes LED street lighting for Dehradun

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 26, 2016: Energy Efficient Services Ltd (EESL) is all set to propose LED street lighting in the Indian city of Dehradun by replacing 4200 streetlights in the city within the next few months. ESSL which is a government company has already replaced streetlights in Vishakhapatnam.

EESL is a cooperative undertaking of Powergrid, NTPC Limited, Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (REC) and Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFC).

ESSL proposes LED street lighting for Dehradun

A proposal has been made to the Uttarakhand government for LED street lighting under the Unnat Jyoti scheme for affordable LEDs. This scheme allows consumers to buy an LED bulb for Rs 90. If the proposal gains acceptance, the Municipal Corporation doesn’t require investing any money at all as everything will be done by the company, according to an ESSL spokesperson.

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Further the spokesperson also said that the electricity bill will reduce to half and the savings will recuperate the project cost thus, paving way for ground-breaking affordable mechanism.

Maintenance is the key concern

Mayor Vinod Chamoli said that the key source of expenditure will be the maintenance of the streetlights and salary of the workers.  However, since ESSL has announced that the maintenance part will be covered by them; there will be no tension for recruiting any staff for the same. Also, thus will aid in energy conservation which will ultimately result in healthy surrounding, Chamoli added,

Currently, Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC) puts in about 10 crore to manage the streetlights where the main areas of concern include urchase of CFL bulbs, electricity bill and salary of workers.

Nitin Bhaduria, the commissioner of DMC said that the LED replacement in the city will lead to good amount of savings. There will be provisions to conserve power by having a single control room for all the streetlights along with switching on alternate lights as when necessary or muting the lights after 12 PM.

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The selected company will also watch over the maintenance of the lights. ESSL had presented its plan to the state and there is hope for a optimistic result, added Bhaduria.

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