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EU committee says LEDs are safe

EU committee says LEDs are safe

By BizLED Bureau

July 24, 2017: A European Union committee specialising in health risks from lighting, said in a report on the potential hazards of LED lighting that LEDs are safe.

The committee said in the report that there is “no evidence of direct adverse health effects” from LEDs in normal everyday use.

Concerns have been raised over the fact that LED lighting could damage people’s eyes and skin, and even disrupt sleep. But the report said that studies have pointed out that health risks are based on exposure levels.

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However, the report acknowledged that there is “low levels of evidence” that exposure to LED backlit screens at night can disrupt circadian rhythms, but pointed out that it is not clear if the effect on people’s sleep was due to the the LED light, or the mental activity involved in using the device.

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About flicker, dazzle and glare, the report warned about pulsed light emission from LED lights in cars, which could be distracting to drivers.

The committee said “it is important to closely monitor the risk of adverse health effects from long-term LED usage by the general population”.

Industry body LightingEurope said that the report would help “to inform the market on good-quality lighting and to support consumers in making informed choices”. LightingEurope is reviewing the report in details.

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