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Everlight opens automotive LED factory in Taiwan

Everlight opens automotive LED factory in Taiwan

Mar 28, 2017: Everlight Electronics Co, Ltd, a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry, is dedicated to R&D of automotive LED products and providing a comprehensive portfolio of automotive products for its either interior or exterior applications. In order to meet the demand for the highest quality and the strongly growing production capacity toward automotive products, the establishment of Miaoli Tongluo New Factory has been commenced since 2015; investment over 300 million US dollars of capital was made to construct a smart ergonomic factory for the production of automotive elements. Everlight will aggressively spare no effort to enter the automotive market.

Everlight started to diversify/expand/extend its automotive activities in 2014. Today, the company owns a comprehensive portfolio of automotive products for all interior/exterior vehicle applications. All products are sulfur-resistant and passed the corrosive gases test for H2S, SO2, CL2 and NO2, etc. Thus the reservations/caveats against LED products which failed the sulfur-resistance test, in terms of brightness, color coordinates, voltage and function failure, etc., can be effectively reduced.
Apart from the product model, Everlight knows very well about the high-standard quality requirements in all aspects for products in an automotive factory. In the beginning of 2015, a hefty amount of money was invested in the construction of Tongluo New Factory. The factory features a conception of human factor engineering and an automation AOI that clearly divide the warehousing and production. This concept takes care of the connection routes between upstairs and downstairs at the same time. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) was introduced to aid MES system in process control. All products will have engraved this laser code before die bonding, for the convenience of tracking the in-process and post-process status of the product.

With the superiorities integrated by floor routes, automation AOI, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), etc., Everlight Tongluo Factory is able to effectively lessen the manpower and logistic consumption, maximize the production efficiency, and achieve a production capacity up to 200KK per month at the same time when pursuing the high quality. It is the intelligent factory characterized with the concept of human factor engineering that has the quality and productivity together.
Everlight has over 33 years of experience in LED packaging industry. Therein, it has more than ten years of experience in the “Automotive LED” segment. Its wide product line built up in recent years, its quality and now the newly established factory for automotive components demonstrates firmly its decision to step into the automotive core market. Everlight, through its integration of strengths, is for sure to have the confidence in satisfying the customer requirements of automobile manufacturers.

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