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Everlight unveils low/mid-power packaged LEDs

Everlight unveils low/mid-power packaged LEDs

Press Release

November 27, 2014: Everlight Electronics unveiled two ultra-efficient low/mid-power LEDs that are suitable to be used in light tubes? retrofits and new designs with excellent lumen per watt and lumen per price.

The 5630D HE (EU) is an efficient low-power LED–0.2W, capable of up to 0.5W operation?that excels with a high lumen per watt ratio ranging from 170 lumen per watt warm white to 180 lumen per watt cool white, and achieves an outstanding 175 lumen per watt at 4000K.

The 5630D high efficiency low-power LED is intended for linear light designs. With its optimised performance combined with the quality of light needed for linear light source applications, it provides an optimal solution to achieve 130 lumen per watt or more in final product LED tubes. Other suitable lighting applications for the 5630D HE package include panels, downlights and bulbs. 5630D HE (EU) package (5.6 x 3.0 x 0.65 mm) is sampling and available in production quantities now.

The 2835 EU series (0.2W and 0.5W) is an upgrade from standard 3528 packages. Due to a newly designed heat slug, this LED maintains the compact size of 3.5 x 2.8 mm with a thinness of flat 0.7 mm but can be over driven to achieve a high efficiency of 116 lumen per watt at 2700K warm white and 127 lumen per watt at 6500K cool white. Superior product characteristics and cost effectiveness turn this white LED device into a real cost and energy saver.

The high performance low/mid-power 2835 series with a fabulous low Euro/Dollar per Lumen ratio is a top solution especially for tubes and downlights, eventually for any general lighting application. This new product is sampling and available in production quantities now.

Novelties in the high-power LED portfolio include an extension of its popular compact and high lumen XI3030 1W series with an ultra warm white EU version (2200K-2400K) that replicates the warm color temperature of traditional incandescent or halogen lighting. This LED is ideal for use in candle lights and other bulbs to create natural warm white lighting environments. With an efficiency of 90 lumen per watt or more, the XI3030 ultra WW (EU) 1W LED series provides a favourable lumen/cost option for many applications. This new product sampling now and will be available in production quantities in Q1/2015.

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