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Explore a competitive market full of LED entertainment lighting

Explore a competitive market full of LED entertainment lighting

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 1, 2017: What would a rock concert be without a perfect light show, a film or a theatre production without effective lighting, or an event without the proper visual accompaniment? Light generates emotions and improves the show.

The entertainment industry requires delicate effects, dynamic atmosphere, and best quality lighting. Today with LED lighting undergoing fast technological advancements, it is the ideal lighting source that creates the right lighting atmosphere for on-stage as well as studio performance.

For entertainment purposes, stable color temperatures, high luminance and outstanding luminous efficacy are absolutely essential. LED strip lights, LED modules, LED wall washers and LED fixtures are ideal lighting products. Color changing LED lights that can be programmed using the right types of controllers are ideal to provide custom lighting scenes, react to music, or simply have a colored light accent.

LED lighting is also ideal for the following applications:

Uplighting is the hottest trend for the entertainment industry, which sets the mood or transforms the event venue. Uplights are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of the venue. The lights illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light.

Texture lighting is another important aspect for events and entainments. It is the art of using light to create space, dimension and visual interest of objects and turning them into extraordinary art pieces.

Centerpiece lighting brings warmth to your centerpiece with perfect soft ambient lighting.

Monogram lighting, on the other hand, is created by using a gobo—a small disc that is inserted into a special gobo projector. This type of light projects the monogram, names, event date, or anything else onto any surface with a special lighting effect.

What advantages LED lighting has for entertainment applications

LED lighting being an energy-efficient source, it offers higher output, yet drastically cuts down on energy consumption by more than 80%.

Many of the LED entertainment lighting products are portable, and can be easily powered by batteries. These lights do not require separate ballasts or heavy cabling.

In addition, LED lighting products have improved efficacy, can operate at much cooler temperatures, and have longer lifespan.

One of the most important aspect of LEDs that suits the entertainment application is its colour controlling feature—its colours can be controlled or changed easily unlike conventional lighting. Modern LEDs—from spotlights to pars, offer enviable color palettes, simplified power schemes, reduced maintenance and increased safety as compared to their tungsten predecessors.

The savings from LED technology can really add up. If you want to lower your operation costs, expand your color options, and increase safety in the venue, then it time to explore a competitive market full of LED entertainment lighting solutions.

Philips Lighting’s Vari-Lite has been designed for lighting professionals in theatre, television, concerts, motion pictures, corporate shows and advertising.

Philips Entertainment introduced two Showline LED luminaires—SL BEAM 300FX and the SL PUNCHLITE 220. SL BEAM 300FX is a high performance moving head luminaire that delivers a powerful output, with fast and quiet movement. The 19 RGBW LEDs deliver exceptional output, and the versatile and effective precision optical design allows the SL BEAM 300FX to function both as beam and as a wash luminaire.

SL PUNCHLITE 220 is also a high performance luminaire that delivers a powerful blended beam of light that is rated for outdoor use. Ideal for large outdoor stages and permanent outdoor applications, the innovative and large motorized zoom range of 8-40 degrees of the SL PUNCHLITE 220 offers flexibility to your lighting design.

One of the leading manufacturers in the field of entertainment lighting, Osram provides special lighting solutions for professional illumination in the entertainment industry.

Osram’s KREIOS SL has the right features for entertainment applications. It is compact and lightweight, with high luminous efficacy. It has high color rendering index (Ra = 95) for accurate color rendering.

Osram’s Lok-it! Power Series lamps offer a high CRI of >90 and supply flexibility for entertainment applications. The lamps’ natural tone of light, compact size, plug-and-play technology, and uniform light emission render them ideal for use in different show venues.

GE lighting is a leading supplier to the entertainment industry, offering a range of lamp technologies for use in applications including stage, studio, film and event lighting.

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