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Factors that will boost demand for LED lights in India

Factors that will boost demand for LED lights in India

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 12, 2017: The LED lighting market in India is still not matured. In 2013, the Indian LED market generated revenue of about Rs 20 billion, according to Indian lighting association ELCOMA. It has been predicted that the Indian LED lighting market will grow at a rate of 53% per annum by 2015-16.

Government projects: Currently, the demand for LED lights in India is coming from government projects like street lights that many of the Indian states have undertaken. About 27.5 million streetlights across the country are being replaced with LED lights.

Another major government project that will distribute retrofit LED lamps among BPL households will majorly boost demand for LED lights in India. LED lamps will be distributed under several government schemes, and it will generate a demand for 300 million retrofit LED lamps over the next three years.

About 770 million incandescent bulbs are sold every year in India and replacing them with LED lights will result in saving 25 billion units of power, annually in India.

Through these projects, the government has ensure that the domestic manufacturers benefit the most, hence, it has mandated that only manufacturers in India who meet the Indian standards would be considered to supply these street lights. Indian standards for LED lights have been formulated keeping in mind the hot, humid, dusty and polluting conditions. Thus, it has been mandated that these LED lights should be made in India to suit the Indian conditions.

Currently, the Indian LED market is flooded with cheap imports as the Indian standards have not yet been made mandatory due to lack of adequate testing laboratories in the country. However, the industry feels that in a year or two, the Indian standards will become mandatory and then the Indian lighting industry will become self-reliant and more lighting manufacturers will start manufacturing LED lights.

Industry experts also believe that the CFL market in India has fully matured and, hence, the CFL manufacturing facilities in India have to be utilised for other purposes. So it is all the more possibility for LED lights to be manufactured in these facilities in the coming years. This will give a big push to the demand for LED lights.

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One comment

  1. LEDs are ultimate answer for mankind’s quest for a perfect light source.- no mercury, 100x life, rugged- no filament to break, no glass to break, 20-25x Efficieiency !
    Demand in India will take off faster as a LED bulb is far easier to assemble & produce & as the prices have declined rapidly . The real challenge is in LED component packaging & in LED packages & epiwafer itself, both of which are difficult to achieve given that China has set the benchmarks in cost & efficiency.
    Its a pity that GOI & DEITY, don’t realise this handicap by not automatically allowing use of the local LEDs & Chip manufacturing companies as approved inputs.
    The package designs are being innovated at lightning speed, lack of assured volumes make it impossible to amortise the costs in 2 to 3 years time frame. This makes the catchup- with-technology not so easy.
    No wonder there are NO firm applicants in LED sector MSIPS policy. & Hope Deity has more look inwards policy henceforth.
    Vijay Kumar Gupta, KWALITY PHOTONICS P LTD

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