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Farmers changing flavor of tomatoes with LED lights

Farmers changing flavor of tomatoes with LED lights

By BizLED Bureau

July 27, 2015: Farmers are customizing their vegetables with the help of LED lighting. They are producing ?designer tomatoes? by adding Vitamin C and also changing the flavor. And this has been possible by growing them under pink LED lights.

Farm technologists have found that by changing the color of the LED lights, from red to a fuchsia pink or blue, they can change the flavor of the tomatoes. Experts at the Stockbridge Technology Centre in Selby, north Yorkshire, are already growing tomatoes under LED lights at a new 1,000 sq m glasshouse.

With the help of the new technology, farmers can also grow tomatoes throughout the year if these are grown under glass. This can also reduce imports of tomatoes in many countries. For example, UK imports 80% of the tomatoes consumed by the country, which amounts to huge transport cost and also leads to wastage, which can be stopped if farmers grow tomatoes round the year under LED lights.

Traditionally farmers use sodium lights in their farmhouses to grow tomatoes in off seasons. This give a white or yellow colour. But now LEDs are effective in mimicking the color of the sunlight, and color changing can also enhance the flavor.

An US firm is already following this technique of growing plants. It has a warehouse in Texas, which has a hi-tech pink growing area where 2.2 million plants are grown under pink LED light and these plants will only see sunlight at the end of their life.

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