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Filament LED bulbs catching up fast

Filament LED bulbs catching up fast

By Ralph Lauren, Contributor, BizLED Bureau

June 22, 2015: Finally, the industry has found an excellent way to get rid of the bulky and ugly looking heat sinks from LED light bulbs?and this, without compromising on the thermal needs of an LED light bulb. The expensive heat sinks also add to the costs of the products. The solution that has been found is a simple, elegant, yet effective concept. The miracle, if one can call it, is the development of filament style LED light bulbs that are fast appearing in the market. In fact, these bulbs were dominated most of the recent lighting fairs that took place across the world in 2014.

What is an LED filament bulb?

An LED filament bulb places the LEDs as its filaments inside the transparent glass enclosure. Four LED filaments emit light evenly in all directions, instead of focusing it in one direction which many LED bulbs do.

These LED filament bulbs resemble the traditional incandescent bulbs?and good for consumers who like the look and feel of the transparent traditional bulbs.

Why is it unique?

Instead of one large LED module that concentrates all the heat at the base of the bulb, the filament LED bulbs use several vertical strings of mid-power LEDs that emit light on all directions.

Another advantage is that the small LED chips generate less heat and also dissipates it naturally across a larger area. As a result, the thermal management is so smooth that there is no need for a heat sink.

Another advantage of filament LED bulb is that without the heat sink the weight of the bulb become quite light, and the production cost gets reduced.

The high quality filament LED bulbs does not delay in illumination when switched on. All the electronics are bundled inside the screw base. It produces light similar to natural light, but does not have any infrared or ultraviolet radiation. These bulbs fit perfectly into all exiting lighting fixtures.

How are LED filaments made?

Each filament holds a number of low power LED chips that are held together with a metal trace, bonded by wire. These filaments are mounted on a narrow transparent glass. The filaments are encapsulated in a resin that is made up of a mixture of silicone and phosphor. This mixture transforms blue light emitted by the LED chips into white.

Some LED filament bulbs

  • Archipelago Lighting offers LED filament bulb
  • Lighting Science Group has a retro-style filament lamps in A19 bulbs and candelabra-base
  • Z-Light also offers LED filament lamp, with the filaments arranged in a zig-zag pattern

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