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Filament LED market was worth US$ 40 million in 2015

Filament LED market was worth US$ 40 million in 2015

By BizLED Bureau

June 22, 2017:  As per the report released by LEDinside, the popularity of LED filament bulbs across the lighting industry has grown tremendously. The core reason behind such enormous growth is that main buyers and customers in classical luminaires, chandeliers, art lamps and decorative lighting have steadily replaced traditional light sources such as halogen light and filament bulbs sources with LED lights.

Earlier, conventional LED bulbs were unsuccessful in meeting the visual requirements of traditional luminaire manufacturers, which further contributed towards the instant popularity of LED filaments across the industry.

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Filament LED market was worth US$ 40 million in 2015

LED filaments are mostly applied in A60, A55 and A19 products. Major bulb specs are specified on 450 lm bulbs that employ four LED filaments intended to meet F35 and B35 specs, for 250 lm LED candle lights the design employs three filaments.

In the application division, the LED filament bulbs are functional in decorative lights, candle lights, light bulbs and vintage bulbs for replacement and current requirements. Filament LED market has is growing and expanding with each passing day.

The LED lighting manufacturers have been dynamically promoting filament LED lamps since 2013, and the sales and revenue of this specific product has increased to a great extent.

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The LED filament lamps became a huge rage in 2015, which is likely to improve global shipment volume to more 50 million LED lamps in 2015. LED filament bulbs similarity to traditional incandescent bulbs has also contributed towards the immense popularity of the product, besides as it can be directly installed it has made slight impact on American and European and customers’ user behaviors. Such characteristics of LED filament lamps has prompted huge demands, and brought filament LED market worth to a projected USD 40 million in 2015.

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