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First bluelight-less OLED lighting module developed

First bluelight-less OLED lighting module developed

By BizLED Bureau

September 8, 2015: Japan-based Mitsubishi Chemical and PioneerPioneer Corporation have developed the first OLED lighting module without the blue light. This module has been produced with the help of a wet coating process on the light-emitting layer.

The new module for OLED lighting does not use blue emitting materials in the OLED panel and the light from the panel contains a minimal portion of blue light, which is less than 1% of the amount in the 3000K-type OLED lighting module.

Hence, this OLED module will be very beneficial because blue light is not good for the eye retina as it causes eye fatigue. It also affects sleep cycle. Blue light has a wavelength of about 380-495 nanometers.

This OLED module seems to have good potential as with the increase of smartphones and PCs, the amount of time we are exposed to blue light is also increasing. Therefore, for health reason, this bluelight-less OLED lighting module will soon become popular for different applications.

The panel has 1900K-color temperature, and has candle-color. It is suitable for storage lighting and for light-sensitive items like cultural heritage and paintings. It is also suitable for bedrooms and medical practices.

Performance indication

  • Product name: Bluelight-less OLED lighting module produced with a wet coating process
  • Model No. OLE-P0909-C3S
  • Type Module with integrated type (constant current circuit)
  • Max. luminance (cd/?) *3 3,000
  • Color temperature (K) *4 1,900 (candle color) Size (mm)
  • External dimensions 92.4 × 92.4
  • Light-emitting area ?76 × 76
  • Thickness 4.3
  • Weight (g) 42
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