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First high powered flip chip COB ideal for Cannabis space

First high powered flip chip COB ideal for Cannabis space

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 8, 2017: LEDs are all over the place—from streetlights to car lights to light bulbs and tubes—and for good reason as we all know that they are more efficient and long lasting. However, LED manufacturers have still not been able to crack the cannabis space.

Cannabis consume a great amount of sunlight for its growth. It needs heavy intensity light for long hours. Lighting for cannabis, therefore, need some specialty bulbs like high intensity discharge (HID) lamps with high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs. Growers are still not happy with what is available in the market. However, it seems that one such design has been created that successfully replicates sunlight.

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Although CFL bulbs and fixtures like T5 are used for effective vegetative growth, they lack enough intensity for the growth of cannabis.

Some challenges

Now, LED lighting is being used in the cannabis space with the required intensity—they are cooler, more efficient, have variable temperatures, are dimmable and with substantially less lumen depreciation over the years. However, LED lighting failed to reach the canopy. The buds below six inches of the canopy from the top lacked density or full growth and keeping a lamp too close usually bleached the tops of the flowers.

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LED lamp size is also a challenge in the cannabis space as there are some limitations with the light designs. The early LED designs were as low as 300 watts and covered a 4’x4’ or 5’x5’ footprint, like a 1000 watt HID. But this is not enough.

Unlike HIDs, LEDs are mounted on a chip, and the common design includes hundreds of diodes in chips. However, the chips were extremely limited in their output due to heat exchange. When too much power was supplied, the lamps waste energy and fail to produce more intense light. As a result, the growers were forced to use countless lamps to attempt to bring the required light intensity.

The first high powered horticulture Flip Chip COB

With a more advanced design, this gap seems to be bridged by Flip Chip Opto, an LED lighting technology company. By using URSA lighting the company could bring in a design will seems to take care of the limitations. Flip Chip Opto used the 3-pad flip chip technology, patented heatsinks, and URSA lighting to do the unthinkable.

While the maximum LED wattage was about 600 in recent years, URSA can now produce lamps with 2400 watts per unit. The company has installed these in the Staples Center. It has combined all the advantages of LED lighting with the ability to penetrate the canopy. However, this high wattage technology is still being perfected.

Flip Chip Opto launches a first-in-class 2400 watt high powered horticultural flip chip COB. The 2400 watt flip chip COB is part of its new Duet series meant for the grow light industry. The Duet 2400 is based on the company’s 3-PAD Pillar Metal Core PCB technology. This technology has made a breakthrough possible in high powered horticultural flip chip LEDs by reducing junction temperatures to 0.003˚C/W on Duet 2400 at a maximum power of 2433 watts.

Duet 2400 features four independent illuminating sections with customizable light spectrums—the standard product line will run a peak of 450nm of royal blue, and 660nm of broadband red. The two different light spectrums compliment the peak absorption rates of chlorophyll in most plant organisms.

Duet 2400 allows designers to reduce the form factor of their cooling solutions and maximizies the output. It is ideal for cannabis space and other applications like greenhouses, commercial grow facilities, indoor farming, etc.

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