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Fisheries department bans LED-aided fishing in Goa

Fisheries department bans LED-aided fishing in Goa

By BizLED Bureau

May 12, 2016: The fisheries department of Goa issued an official order that prohibits usage of LED lights for fishing in the area. The order was signed by Dr Sharmila Monterio,  Director of Fisheries and Ex-officio Joint Secretary Fishieries.

The ban comes about as a move to preserve the region’s fishing resources, and the consequence of hotly contended discussions between a promoter of LED fishing lights Purse Seine Trawler and other commercial boat owners and that have disputed against LED-aided fishing. The order is instantly effective and bans fishing in the region by pail  or bull trawling.

The second potion of the order says that the  use or set up of the fishing gears like fish light attractors, LED lights etc on motorized fishing craft, intended for trawling, purse- seining or gill netting is not allowed.

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Although merely 60 boats are equipped with LED fishing lights in the state, local fisheries department raised and fishermen concerns that LED- aided fishing processes may result in overfishing and thus depleting  the area’s  fishing resources in March 2016.

Using LED lights for fishing attracted fishes in huge quantities leading to a catch 10 times more than conventional fishing methods, which could disturb market demands, consequently leading to unwanted excess. It might also pose threats of overfishing.

Avertano Furtado, Goa Fisheries Minister was calling all coastal states across India to prohibit the use of LED lights in fishing boats as part of an imperative measure to preserve fishing reservoirs.

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Goa was once looked upon as an exporter of fish, but it is gradually turning out to be an importer. With LED use, the state of affairs will worsen, resulting in fish famine, Furtado added.

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