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Fisheries department lifts LED-aided fishing ban in Goa

Fisheries department lifts LED-aided fishing ban in Goa

By BizLED Bureau

Aug 5, 2016: The fisheries department of Goa has lifted the LED-aided fishing ban in the state, and now will allow the use of LED lighting equipment on boats in areas further than 12 nautical miles, which is the border of jurisdiction for Goa, according to the authorities of the department.

Commenting on the government’s position on the use of LED lights-aided fishing technique, the fisheries department said that the led-aided ban on fishing is set to be enforced as an addition on the present night fishing ban within Goa’s territorial waters.

Fisheries department lifts LED-aided fishing ban in Goa

Furthermore, the department said that there is no issue if they go further than 12 nautical miles for fishing. There are just two conditions involved for LED-aided fishing. Firstly, the fishermen are required to submit an affidavit stating that they would not fish in state waters. Secondly, they have to install trackers so that the department can authenticate their fishing locations, added the authorities.

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In May 2016, the fisheries department of Goa had issued an official order that prohibited the usage of LED lights for fishing in the area. The order was signed by Dr Sharmila Monterio,  Director of Fisheries and Ex-officio Joint Secretary Fishieries. The ban was seen as a move to preserve the region’s fishing resources, and the consequence of hotly contended discussions between a promoter of LED fishing lights Purse Seine Trawler and other commercial boat owners and that have disputed against LED-aided fishing.

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