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Flip Chip Opto launches 4800 W 3-pad flip chip COB LED

Flip Chip Opto launches 4800 W 3-pad flip chip COB LED

Feb 21, 2017: Flip Chip Opto releases Apollo 4800, a Flip Chip COB LED engine as part of their flagship Apollo series that is based on the company’s patented 3-Pad Flip Chip LED Technology.

This technology allows the breakthrough in high powered single sourced LED COBs, granting the manufacturing capabilities of Flip Chip COBs going past the current industry limitation of 500 watts while reducing the junction temperatures to 0.002 C/W on Apollo 4800.

The Apollo series represents Flip Chip Opto’s high powered Flip Chip COB lineup. The Apollo 4800 reaches a maximum power of 4870 watts, achieving a thermal resistance of 0.002 C/W and a luminous flux above 505,000 lumens (5000K CCT and 80CRI); high efficiency is also available at 2170 watts for an output of 287,000 lumens.

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It is ideal for extreme applications such as military lighting, stadium lighting, broadcast lighting, exploration spotlighting and opens up new applications that current traditional lighting is unable to achieve.

Additionally, the Apollo 4800 is unique due to its thermal properties and proprietary bonding technology; allowing designers to maximize lumens-per-dollar and by reducing the form factor of the light fixture, fixture optics, and the number of fixtures needed.

Table 1 – Apollo 4800 Specifications

Apollo Part Number Nominal CCT CRI (minimum) Luminous Flux (lm) @ lf 96A Vf @ lf 96A LES (mm)*
Apollo 4800-5080 5000K 80 505,000 50.7 MD=12x(22+2d)

*LES is customized based on the maximum dimensions of the Apollo 4800 COB

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