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Fluxwerx introduces three new LED luminaires for architectural applications

Fluxwerx introduces three new LED luminaires for architectural applications

Mar 31, 2016: Fluxwerx, a Lumenpulse brand, is excited to announce the launch of Fold, Notch, and Inbox, three new LED luminaires for retail, commercial, institutional and healthcare environments. Available in both suspended and recessed configurations, these new luminaires combine minimalist design and architectural-grade materials with superior optical and energy performance, delivering precise batwing distribution, exceptional functionality and energy efficiency.

“We set out to create luminaires that transcend conventional fixtures, and take lighting into a truly new direction,” said Tim Berman, President of Fluxwerx. “Fluxwerx’s expanded product line combines modern form with advanced technology, engineering ingenuity and an obsessive attention to detail, enabling inspired environments that are luminous and comfortable. I am very excited to introduce Fold, Notch, and Inbox to the North American market and I believe our expanded portfolio of luminaires elevates us yet again to a new level of competitiveness.”

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Complementing the award-winning Fluxwerx product family, the new LED luminaires feature anidolic optical structures with linear light extraction elements. Precision-engineered, high transmittance, clear acrylic lenses mix and disperse light, eliminating any visible images of the LED point source. The luminaires’ color accuracy is within a two-step MacAdam ellipse and is available in multiple correlated color temperatures (CCT) with high CRI values. All are offered as standard with lumen maintenance of L70 at 200,000 hours. These long life mid-flux LED systems are optically and thermally designed to maintain 90% of initial lumen output for more than 60,000 operating hours (L90 > 60,000 h), as per TM21 guidelines.

All fixtures offer multiple options for high-efficiency integral multivolt drivers that are factory prewired for all circuits; flexible driver orientations and simple installation methods that accommodate most new construction or retrofit ceiling conditions. Agnostic driver design enables simple integration with any sensor, lighting control or building energy management system.

“We believe that Fluxwerx’s anidolic optics technology will give us a real competitive advantage with regard to product design, and we’re very excited about these new applications,” said Francois-Xavier Souvay, President and CEO of Lumenpulse. “The technology opens the door to creative, organic new shapes, and Fold, Notch, and Inbox are a perfect demonstration of its flexibility and potential impact on future innovations.”

Fold, linear LED pendant luminaire:

Combining organic design and small aperture size, Fold features second-generation anidolic extraction optics with low brightness and high-performance continuous lenses featuring superior efficacy. The luminaire’s finely detailed exposed architecture delivers unparalleled clarity right through the fixture.

Fold is constructed with highest quality architectural extruded aluminum, precision-milled with seamless fit and finish in either clear anodized, black or white powdercoat finish. Molded to highlight a soft, organic form, Fold is available with three endcap options: Arch, Oblique, and Slant. The clean lines of the fixture make it suitable for use in contemporary-styled commercial applications.

In addition to indirect and direct distribution options, Fold’s independent up-down lighting control provides fully dimmable or switchable independent control of the indirect and direct distributions. Ideal for multipurpose rooms and spaces with presentation, projection or video conferencing requirements, the separated circuitry allows simple adjustment of the proportions of up-down light to suit the lighting and energy needs of the space and people in the environment.

Notch, recessed LED luminaire:

A linear LED recessed luminaire with unique hollow aperture design, Notch is a recessed LED luminaire that changes and challenges the industry standard. Delivering an actual slot in the ceiling which can be extruded right to the vertical face of the drywall, Notch adds texture, depth and detail to an otherwise undifferentiated category of products.

Notch can be used in drywall or grid ceiling systems and is compatible with both Armstrong® 4″ Techzone® components and USG® 4″ Logix t-bar. Perfect for drywall ceilings with exposed vertical fasciae, Notch’s optional trimless Dado endcap extrudes the hollow architecture to the edge of drywall soffit. The luminaire features a variety of trims and endcaps, which add subtle punctuation of the ceiling plane with very low brightness and high performance, giving the design community an opportunity to use a narrow aperture solution for general area lighting.

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Inbox, recessed LED luminaire:

Inspired by architecture and engineered for performance, Inbox features vertical anidolic optics and creates a recessed punctuation of the ceiling plane with low glare and great batwing distribution. Delivering approximately 40 FC in an open office environment with an energy density approaching 0.30 watts per square foot, Inbox provides superior energy efficiency and sustainability for a wide range of interior lighting applications.

The ultra-minimalist aesthetic has no orientation, allowing it to be used in open areas offices regardless of its position in the ceiling. The smooth gradient of light across the fixture housing, in conjunction with infinite reflection in the corners, adds unprecedented depth and relief to the otherwise monotonous ceiling plane.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into the built environment, Inbox stands on its own or is specified as a companion fixture for corridors, meeting rooms, and reception areas. Available in multiple sizes including 1×1 to replace conventional downlights, Inbox can be specified for both grid and drywall ceiling conditions for a wide variety of commercial and institutional environments.

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