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Ford developing camera-based adaptive headlight

Ford developing camera-based adaptive headlight

July 22, 2015: American automaker Ford is in the midst of developing a slick multi-function front lighting system that can do a lot more than just illuminate the road ahead. It can detect obstacles ahead, shadow oncoming traffic, interpret road signs and use pre-collected GPS data to select a lighting configuration best suited for specific locations.

The prototype headlight employs two systems. The first one called “camera-based advanced front lighting system? utilises two existing ford technologies??adapting lighting system? and ?traffic sign recognition??which uses cameras to determine an approaching roundabout or an intersection, and the system automatically widens the headlight beams to better illuminate the car?s surroundings. The GPS-linked system then tags the location so that the next time, it automatically widens the beam on approach.

The second technology called the ?spot lighting? uses an infrared camera in the grille to detect bicyclists, pedestrians, and animals on or near the roadway through their body heat. On detection of an obstruction, a swivelling LED light will illuminate the object and the forward view is displayed on the dashboard screen with potentially dangerous roadside object highlighted inside a yellow box. If the object pose a greater threat, the box turns red. The infrared camera is capable of detecting as many as eight objects at a time, but the system can illuminate only two targets at a time as there are only two spotlights.

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