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Fulham offers all-in-one emergency LED driver

Fulham offers all-in-one emergency LED driver

Oct 18, 2017: Fulham offers the HotSpot FHSAC1-230-45CE all-in-one emergency LED driver. The revolutionary HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System combines the functions of a dimmable, programmable LED driver, emergency LED driver, and replaceable backup battery in a single compact unit. Solid State Supplies Ltd. now offers this new versatile all-in-one emergency LED driver from Fulham Co. Inc.

Under normal conditions this all-in-one solution operates as a 40/45W constant current driver; during a power outage the integrated battery automatically activates, providing 5W of power for 180 minutes or 10W for 90 minutes*. Benefits include lower costs, simplified installation, and the ability to bring emergency LED capability to smaller luminaires.

Integrated LED Driver, emergency LED driver, and replaceable battery
0-10V dimming (100%-1%)

Emergency power: 5W for 180 min or 10W for 90 min (user-selectable). European version: 1W-6W emergency output; factory set for 3W for 180 min.

Programmable output current: 250-1400mA in 1mA increments

Compatible with Fulham SmartSet programming platform

Illuminated test switch/AC power indicator

Switchable self-diagnostics

Warranty: 5 years at TC max 70°C. 3 years for -C and -BLS battery at TC max 80°C

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