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Future gadgets can come up with QLED displays

Future gadgets can come up with QLED displays

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 19, 2017: Samsung’s presence at CES 2017 with quantum dot LED (QLED) TVs had drew huge attention to the technology.

QLEDs screens are better than traditional LCD displays, and less expensive than OLED screens—this increases the possibility that QLEDs will appear in many future gadgets and devices, and tablets are one of them.

Quantum dot LEDs

A QLED screen has a blue backlight that shines through a layer of tiny quantum dots before it reaches the LCD layer. These glow red or green when light falls on them. The QLED displays do not pull colors from white light as, with a diameter of about 50 atoms, they emit red light in a very narrow range, and one with 30 atoms emits green light in an equally narrow range. As a result, the LCD and color filters start glowing with pure red, blue, and green light, and hence the displays offer more vivid colors than the LCD displays.

Despite this advance technology, its price is much less than OLED displays.

QLED gadgets?

Majority of the tablets in the market use LCDs, so going by the technology and pricing of QLED, tablet manufacturers may consider switching to quantum dot LEDs to improve the picture quality. Samsung that has used QLED in TVs and monitors, may find it logical to use it for its tablets as well.

Although adding the layer of quantum dots to a LCD will make a tablet a little heavier, but a QLED screen will have better performance than the LED ones. Now this is for the manufacturers to find out a way to make QLED gadgets and devices thinner if they want to compete with OLED displays which are much thinner.

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