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GE Lighting launches C Sleep smart LED bulbs for better sleeping

GE Lighting launches C Sleep smart LED bulbs for better sleeping

Mar 10, 2016: In preparation for Daylight Savings Time, the most sleep deprived time of the year, GE unveils its C by GE line, its first connected LED light bulbs that can be controlled directly from your smartphone without a hub. Within the C by GE app, the C Sleep bulb automatically change light settings for daytime and evening – designed to optimize sleep cycles.

The science of sleep… and screens

A third of Americans don’t get enough sleep, and the blue light in our smartphone and tablet screens are to blame. According to the National Sleep Foundation, at least 95 percent of people use some kind of electronic device within an hour of going to sleep. And these TV, computer, phone and tablet screens may be contributing to our overall sleep-deprived society.

The engineers at GE Lighting know that light has the potential to strengthen people’s natural internal clocks but, more frequently, acts to disrupt it. That’s why GE created a lighting solution, C Sleep, that closely simulates and mimics the sun to reinforce the human body’s natural rhythm and melatonin production to prepare for sleep. These C by GE lightbulbs help improve individuals’ ability to enjoy sound sleep and awaken more efficiently.

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“For many, lighting is the gateway to a smart home that connects other devices including smart thermostats, security cameras and smoke alarms. While interoperability is key, in a crowded market with no clear platform winner, we wanted to give consumers the option for a standalone smart lighting solution,” says Tom Stimac, GE Lighting’s Chief Innovation Manager. “That’s why we focus on creating products that solve problems — not tech for the sake of tech — and ensure those products have the best user experience.”

 There’s an App for that

The C by GE app is available for free in the App Store. It’s currently only available on iOS but will soon be available on Android as well. The C by GE app makes it simple for users to control their C-Life and C-Sleep bulbs from their phones, getting the light that’s right for every moment of the day. The features include:

  • A simple set up, with no hub or extra hardware needed. Just the smart bulbs and the app.
  • Instantly dim or brighten lights, with no lag or delay.
  • Build groups of lights to control them all at once (e.g. “Living Room”), or individually depending on preference (e.g. “Dresser Lamp”).
  • Create and save custom lighting scenes for all the things you do at home. For example, “Movie Time”, “Wake up”, or “Homework Hour.”
  • With the C-Sleep bulb, sync your lights with your sleep cycle with the “Follow the Sun” setting, which automatically transitions through the three C-Sleep settings as the day goes on. “PM” for warm light, “AM” for crisp light, and “Day” for regular light.
  • A white background display for daytime use and a dark background display for easy nighttime control.

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About the bulbs

While the market for smart home products is still in its infancy, GE recognizes that consumers need faster, easier ways to learn about and access innovative smart home goods. With doorstep service, GE aims to simplify the shopping experience for connected lighting, so consumers can rethink how, when and why they choose to purchase light.

C by GE bulbs are designed in a unique four-pack container that includes C Sleep, a bulb with three distinct settings: for morning, midday, and evening light, all with the ability to sync to personal circadian rhythms, and C Life, a single-color bulb with the same controllable features. These connected performance bulbs are available online in a Starter Pack of two C Life and two C Sleep bulbs, retailing for US$ 70 (US$ 50 introductory price).

Source: GE Lighting

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