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GE plans to ‘phase out’ CFL bulbs to promote LEDs

GE plans to ‘phase out’ CFL bulbs to promote LEDs

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 4, 2016: With global trends setting in, the race to create better products is heating up. Manufacturers are making every effort to provide best possible products to consumers considering price and efficiency at the same time. The quality standards, however, will top the agenda. Referring to the case, GE has announced it will phase out CFL bulbs in US from next year.

GE plans to ‘phase out’ CFL bulbs to promote LEDs

The attempt is not only the ‘green’ environment concern but the management considered the lower energy efficiency levels than LED lighting, which is slightly more efficient than CFLs. The other types of bulbs, like incandescent and halogen will continue to be sold as the only technology that is phasing out is CFL. They represent a large portion of the lighting market and are not as efficient as their close competitors ie LEDs.

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GE is hoping to expand the LED market and this switch is primarily about focusing on a single energy-efficient technology. GE’s lighting head, John Strainic, says that CFL bulbs had a market share of 30 percent in 2007 with efforts from Walmart and Oprah. With changing times, LEDs are making their way in homes and CFL has little or no takers now. On a technological front, consumers don’t like CFL’s slow start-up time. LEDs solve this delay start issues, so they may be able to capture a bigger market.

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Another important reason for the phase out is Energy Star rating. Previously, huge rebates have long been offered for CFL lights, which will be switched over to LED lights next year. By completing its transition to LED by then, GE’s lineup will be able to take advantage of the new Energy Star requirements and more companies will follow the suit in that direction.

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