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GE signs KSF red phosphor license pact with Suijing

GE signs KSF red phosphor license pact with Suijing

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 14, 2016: In order to enter international LED market, China-based LED packaging companies are acquiring licensed use of patents of KSF red phosphor, which is a material used in white light LEDs to boost color saturation of screen displays.

Chinese LED company Suijing Optoelectronics has recently sign red KSF phosphor license agreement with GE Lighting.

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GE Lighting has licensed its core red phosphor’s global patent to Suijing Optoelectronics. GE’s red phosphor is also known for its chemical compound Potassium Fluoride Silicon (PFS).

Other Chinese companies that have acquired the same

Earlier in December 2016, Jufei Opto had also signed with GE Lighting a license agreement for the same red phosphor patent. Jufei Opto wanted to use it to improve its LED products’ wide color gamut (WCG) performance to match OLED technology. Jufei Opto had also signed patent license agreement with GE for backlight WCG performance. This has helped the company to improve product quality and hence its value.

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Foshan Nationstar Optoelectronics has also signed a licensing pact for KSF red phosphor patent from GE. Shenzhen Refound Optoelectronics has also obtained the licensed use of such patents.

Suijing Optoelectronics

Suijing Optoelectronics is involved in SMD LED R&D, production and sales, particularly in LED backlight component market for small displays.

Suijing Optoelectronics has been active in acquiring core patents authorization from different companies. It has also signed a white LED patent license agreement with Toyoda Gosei.

These patent licensing will help Suijing Optoelectronics to open up new global business opportunities, and will also help it to compete in the international market.

KSF red phosphor technology

KSF red phosphor technology is used in high-end LED backlighting, LED lighting devices and LED displays. It offers improved narrow red band performance, resulting in reds that are sharper and cleaner, enabling richer picture quality and increasing the color gamut for backlit displays.


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