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GlacialLight launches high bay lights

GlacialLight launches high bay lights

Jan 15, 2016: GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech Inc. announces a new high power bay light. The GL-BL150 is a 147W Bay Light for high bay and outdoor lighting applications. Featuring up to 16,300 lumen output, the GL-BL150 produces enough illumination for demanding warehouse lighting applications and also features rugged IP66 weatherproof design for outdoor usage. A versatile light, the GL-BL150 can come with a 60 degree lens for bay lighting, 120 degree lens for flood lighting, or with GlacialLight?s brand new Tulip I Lux Enhancer for spot lighting.

High performance indoor and outdoor lighting

The 300 lumens of white light, enough for the most demanding warehouse lighting and powerful enough to illuminate outdoor stadiums, buildings and more. The high output performance means less lighting needs to be installed for a given area. All this performance comes from just 147W of power, giving the GL-BL150 an excellent lighting efficiency ratio of up to 111lm/W.

High bay, floodlight or spotlight

It?s not just a bay light ? the GL-BL150 can also be configured to work as a flood light or even powerful spot light. Besides the standard 60 degree lens for bay lighting, the GL-BL150 also can come with a 120 degree lens that spreads the beam further for flood lighting applications. For a narrower beam angle with higher lux and increased throw, the Tulip I Lux Enhancer accessory turns the GL-BL150 into a spotlight, great for outdoor lighting tower usage and whenever a tighter beam is desired.

Rugged IP66 rated design

The GL-BL150 works outdoors just as well as it does indoors with an IP66 rated weatherproof design. For outdoor usage, a rotating mounting bracket is available that is also IP66 rated and rotates 180 degrees, making it easy to build GL-BL150 based lighting towers for outdoor lighting needs.


High system efficacy up to 111 lm/W.
16,300 lumen output for high bay lighting and outdoor lighting.
IP66 rated rugged for outdoor use.
60 degree Lens standard for bay lighting.
120 degree Lens available for flood lighting and area illumination.
Lampshades available for 60 degree and 120 degree.
Tulip I Lux Enhancer focuses light for tighter beam angle with increased throw. (optional accessory)

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