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GlacialTech launches 400W LED flood light heatsink kit for LED lighting

GlacialTech launches 400W LED flood light heatsink kit for LED lighting

Mar 20, 2017: GlacialTech, the diversified LED technology provider, announces a new 400W heatsink for outdoor flood lights. The Igloo SS400 features an efficient heatsink with thermal resistance 0.3417 °C/W, preventing LEDs from overheating with large-surface area heatsinks. A waterproof glass cover is available for outdoor applications, with an IP65 rating for weather protection and adjustable stainless steel mounting rotation bracket and screws.

Besides the default single unit kit, the Igloo SS400 also comes in double unit configurations for up to 800W of LED illumination, allowing easy installation of high output lighting for stadiums, parking lots, outdoor storage areas and industrial complexes.

High thermally efficient LED heatsink

GlacialTech’s experience in thermal design allows the Igloo SS400 to create a heatsink boasting an excellent thermal resistance of 0.3417 °C/W using stamping technology. The efficient thermal performance means high output CoB or MCPCB LEDs up to 400W can be accommodated. Customers can easily use the Igloo SS400 to construct LED flood lights with high performance while using much less energy.

SKD package up to 800W of LED lighting

The Igloo SS400 thermal module is available standalone, or as a semi-knockdown (SKD) kit that includes heatsink module, waterproof glass cover, and adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket and screws. The Igloo SS400 heatsink kit can be ordered in single and double unit options, each unit can be individually adjusted. SKD kit allows for up to 800 watts of energy efficient LED lighting for powerful outdoor application.

Rugged IP65 environmental protection

With an IP65 rugged design, LED flood lights built with the Igloo SS400 SKD kit are dustproof and waterproof against extreme weather and strong jets of water. Along with its adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket, users can create lighting for the harshest environments. Fixture designers can choose the appropriate LED lighting module and driver for their lighting needs and easily create high performance outdoor application with dependable GlacialTech thermal technology.


Rated for 400W CoB or MCPCB LEDs.

  • 0.1875 °C/W thermal resistance.
  • Adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket and screws.
  • Available in single and double unit configurations up to 800W.
  • IP65 rated, suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Waterproof glass cover available.


  • Type : Igloo SS400
  • Part Number : CT-SS400000AK0001
  • Dimension (mm) : 400 x 270 x 110
  • Weight (g) : 5750
  • Material : AL1050
  • Color : Black
  • Surface Treatment : Black Anode
  • Crafts : Stamping + Bonding
  • thermal resistance (°C / W) : 0.1875
  • Surface area (mm^2) : 3912600
  • Reference design power (watts) : 350-400W
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