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Global horticultural LED lighting market to reach $772.8 million

Global horticultural LED lighting market to reach $772.8 million

July 4, 2017: Horticultural LED Lighting is composed of light-emitting diodes, usually in a casing with a heat sink and built-in fans. Horticultural LED Lights do not usually require separate ballast and can be plugged directly into a standard electrical socket.

The Global Horticultural LED Lighting market is estimated to reach 772.8 Million USD in 2017. On the basis of region, Europe is the largest market segment of Horticultural LED Lighting, followed by North America and Asia. In the report, HeyReport says Commercial Greenhouse dominates the largest Application share in 2017. The objective of report is to define, segment, and project the market on the basis of power, application, and region, and to describe the content about the factors influencing market dynamics, policy, economic, technology and market entry etc.

Based on products type, the report describes major products type share of regional market. Products mentioned as follows:

By Power
High Power (?300W)
Low Power (?300W)

Based on region, the report describes major regions market by products and application. Regions mentioned as follows:
North America
South America

Based on Application, the report describes major Application share of regional market. Application mentioned as follows:
Commercial Greenhouse
Indoor and Vertical Farming

Leading vendors in the market are included based on profile, business performance etc. Vendors mentioned as follows:
Everlight Electronics
Hubbell Lighting
General Electric
Fionia Lighting
Heliospectra AB
Ohmax Optoelectronic

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