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Govt delaying installation of LED streetlights in Greater Hyderabad

Govt delaying installation of LED streetlights in Greater Hyderabad

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 11, 2016:Indian city Greater Hyderabad is getting support from its concerned citizens as they are campaigning tirelessly to install energy efficient LED lighting system in all areas. However, very little support has been provided by the government as the GHMC officials have not released any statement in this regard.

As a power-friendly resource, LED technology can ease up the heavy electrical bills for streetlights as they pose a heavy financial burden on GHMC. The need to reduce power bills is imminent and this can be efficiently done by using an energy efficient lighting system.

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LED lights have been installed on a small stretch at Hitech city but the system has not been expanded as proposed. Many parts of the city are without street lights and installation of LED lights in these areas will make the city safer for its citizens.

With continuing improvements in LED sector, the Union Power Ministry has set up Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) under whose support, Telengana government and GHMC can join hands to implement an efficient lighting system in Hyderabad.

The resident colonies at Green Fields, Yadamma Nagar, Alwal, Bolarum are awaiting to be lit with LED streetlights. Residents feel the politicians contesting the elections should include these power-saving initiatives within their manifestos.This is how the city will save energy today, grow and prosper tomorrow, feel the residents.

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  1. Through EESL the LED street lights have been organised after following certain procedure. The local Govt. agencies may take little time towards installation formalities ,however job will be completed. It is better to wait ,then take hurried steps and face inquiries.
    S c Joneja New Jersey , USA

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