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Govt departments in India asked to use LED lights

Govt departments in India asked to use LED lights

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June 9, 2015: The Prime Minister?s Office (PMO) has suggested that all government departments and their subordinate offices would procure only LED lights for usage in the departments, replacing the traditional bulbs like CFLs and tube lights.

Although costlier than the conventional lights, LEDs consume less energy and have long life. Hence, in the long run it not only saves energy but also money.

The PMO communiqué also stated studies that showed LEDs were 25% more efficient than CFL, 23% more efficient that tube lights and 80% more efficient than incandescent lamps.

LEDs? high efficiency on energy can be gauged from the fact that a 9W LED bulb gives the same amount of light that a 12 W CFL or a 60W normal bulb gives.

According to a Press Information Bureau, Government of India, press release, Power Ministry has initiated several measures for promoting energy efficiency in lighting sector. BEE & EESL are develop business model for procuring LED bulbs. The press release said that

LEDs are emerging as the most energy-efficient source of lighting, with an LED bulb using 1/10th of energy of that used by a normal incandescent bulb and half as much energy as CFL to produce the same amount of light. However, the major challenge has been its high cost. The first LED lamp made in India, in 2010 was sold for Rs 1200.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under the Ministry of Power initiated a systematic process to exploit the energy saving potential of LEDs, and to bring them into large scale use as soon as possible. Consequently, a roadmap was prepared, in close cooperation with the lighting industry, which sought to: (a) ensure the quality and reliability of LED lamps; (b) reduce the price of LED lamps, initially through large scale public procurement and then through a labelling programme; and (c) facilitate awareness and demonstration of this lighting through its technology. BEE simultaneously promoted demand for LED bulbs and for LED streetlights by providing financial support to all states to set up demonstration projects to highlight the lighting quality and energy savings of this technology. Further, in order to enhance demand for LED bulbs , the Ministry of Power, decided that henceforth all bulbs provided to below-poverty line households at the time of connection, estimated to be about 3.4 million, under the Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyuthikaran Yojana (RGGVY) would use LED technology. At the same time, a number of electricity distribution companies have also entered into agreements with LED manufacturers for the supply of LED bulbs at preferential prices to their consumers.

For more info: http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=110348

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