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Graphene enables new stable blue OLED

Graphene enables new stable blue OLED
Photo courtesy: Innovations Report

By BizLED Bureau

June 7, 2017: Germany?s Goethe University researchers have mixed graphene with boron to produce a new category of organic luminescent materials.

The procedure introduces a boron atom into the helix formation of graphene nano particles. In the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), the presence of boron transfers light emanated from the particles from the near infrared field into the visible field, throwing an intense blue light. This is important as existing blue OLED units? exhibit poor endurance and performance, in comparison to their green and red counterparts, on the whole limiting the lifetime of OLED lights and displays.

Moisture and air sensitivity has previously restricted the use of boron-doped PAHs in this application; however Frankfurt-based inventors noted that this is not a problem with their materials. This will make it fit for being used in flexible OLED displays. The electron transfer capacity of PAHs had also increased.

This is significant as existing blue OLED units exhibit poor performance and endurance ? compared to their red and green counterparts ? limiting the overall lifetime of OLED displays and lights.

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