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Greater Hyderabad to have all LED streetlights

Greater Hyderabad to have all LED streetlights

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 10, 2016: The Indian city Hyderabad will soon light up with LEDs. The municipal administration minister KT Rama Rao has directed the city officials to replace all the streetlights in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)limits with LED bulbs.

Further, the minister has directed the officials to make agreement with the public sector company EESL. Around4.5 lakhCONVERT streetlights will be replaced with LED lights across GHMC limits by January 2017, according to a city official.

While replacing the traditional lights with LEDs, it must be made sure that the cables of CCTVs that have been set up by the police and the cables for Wi-Fi facilities do not get damaged.

Installing the LED lights is a smart lighting scheme, which will help to reduce the power bill by at least 50%.The EESL is set tocomplete the installation task of within GHMC before the deadline. During the past three and half months, ESSL has distributed 4, 50,000  LED bulbs.

The main project will be implemented by EESL investing the entire capital cost and will be paid through savings over seven years.Presently GHMC is incurring a huge expenditure of Rs 214.82 crore annually towards street lights.

As per the EESL report, which will install the LED lights in the GHMC circles, power load of street lights would reduce from 72.13 MW to 31.81 MW, a reduction of 40.32 MW. The annual energy savings would be 176.6 million kwh.

Of the Rs 4068.6 million project cost, EESL annuity will be Rs 108.42 crore, post retrofit energy charges per annum (Rs 1041.4 million), Net savings to GHMC over seven years will be Rs 158.2 million.

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