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Grow an indoor kitchen garden with LED lighting

Grow an indoor kitchen garden with LED lighting

By BizLED Bureau

August 19, 2015: Intelligent Light Source that supplies LED lighting to indoor aeroponics system at MIT City has designed CounterCrop project to help people grow fruits, vegetables and herbs easily indoor by using LEDs and an automated hydroponics system, which draws only about 65 W of power. With this system, one can do gardening easily and efficiently even at home. Advancements in low-power LED lighting have made this system possible.

The LED lighting that is used for doing indoor gardening can mimics natural daylight for faster growth of the plants. It is a simple ‘plug-and-play’ indoor plant growing unit, which can help indoor plants grow fast.

In this system, which is a self-contained smart garden, it is possible to grow herbs, microgreens crops, vegetables, without any soil or sunlight. Plants can grow in a few weeks with the help of a pre-programmed LED lighting and hydroponic system that enables users to easily adjust the gardening unit to the optimal spectrum of light.

Scientific studies have shown that the quality of light and a balanced, optimized spectrum, are key for indoor plant growth. Studies have shown that by mimicking the natural sunlight from dawn to dusk at different periods of the day in the growing cycle of plants, at any location around the world has a lot of impact on the growth of indoor plants.

To commercialise CounterCrop and to bring it to the market, Intelligent Light Source is depending on crowd funding. The first units are offered at $199 and up to $379, which the company hopes to deliver in May 2015.
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