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Harvatek, Cree battle out over LED package patent

Harvatek, Cree battle out over LED package patent

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 29, 2016: In a major piece of news, Harvatek announced that will hire Devlin Law Firm LLC for a patent infringement case against Cree. The patent US 6,841,934 is in suit is related LED packaging technology as a case been filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

Harvatek, Cree battle out over LED package patent

Previously, Cree accused Harvatek of infringing Cree?s patents on Sep.15, 2014. In response, Harvatek accused Cree and its affiliates for infringing the patent dated December 5 in the same year. And successfully invalidated one of Cree?s patents in China on July 2015.

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Harvatek has invested decent amount of resources to build substantial amount of patents and is equally capable of defending them on their grounds. As the patent in concern was related to LED packaging technology, Harvatek is doing their best to serve interests of their customers and shareholders. These counterattacks show Havatek has strong patents and litigation abilities to compete with big international companies.

With lawsuits still going on, Harvatek is clearly positive about the case?s outlook and final ruling.

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Going into the details, the LED package patent process is: ?A clear white light source is achieved by converting short wavelength color light emitted from an LED. The LED chip with a fluorescent glue is covered to achieve conversion. The LED chip is mounted on a split substrate, and the outer ends of the substrate serve as terminals for the LED. A wall stands around the LED chip to contain the fluorescent glue, and another transparent glue may be used to cover the fluorescent glue for protection.?

White LED package, phosphor powder, and the LED?s substrate package structure are the main applicants of the patent in concern.

The authority over patents has seen a sudden surge from 2014 as Cree has filed cases against many Taiwanese LED package manufacturers.

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