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High Power Lighting, Epistar, Epileds enter UV LED market

High Power Lighting, Epistar, Epileds enter UV LED market

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 29, 2015: The LED lighting industry?s view for UV LED business opportunities has been quite optimistic, with several companies, including Taiwanese, taking plunge into this emerging market. European, Japanese, Korean, and American manufacturers are developing UV LEDs for, sterilization, curing, medical, water and air purification systems. Security as well as retina recognition markets, which require IR LED, is also offering new business opportunities for LED companies that specialize in these fields. Taiwanese epiwafer manufacturers such as Epistar are actively developing UV-C LEDs with domestic and overseas clients. UV-C LED wavelengths have a high technology entry level, which is expected to generate higher profits.

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Epileds showed noteworthy developments in UV LED. It also received UV LED die orders from High Power Lighting, just after that company was listed as an Over-the-Counter (OTC) security on Taiwan?s bourse. The UV LED die orders from High Power Lighting aim at packaging the dies into UV LED chips for international and domestic market clients. After Epileds? planned construction of a new manufacturing line in Tree Valley Park in Tainan, Taiwan, its production capacity will increase and become more comprehensive by 2016. The UV LED company is the sole company in the industry that has shown significant profits.

Epileds specializes in LED chips having special wavelengths, such as UV LED and IR LED chips. It offers several LED chip structures including vertical-chip LED, flip chip, and vertical-like LED (BH). BH LED chips have same structure with vertical LED chips, the only difference being the anode (p-side) and cathode (n-side) are on the same side. This helps in the bonding process during series-parallel connections. Epileds has also considered the current for different package application types. For example, the company has developed 4545, 4242, 3636, 2020 and 1515 LEDs to clients, while diversifying their options. Epileds? main clients include commercial nail curing machines, curing devices, and exposurers.

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High Power Lighting has a stronghold in invisible LED package, and has been cooperating with Taiwanese and international companies. Recently, it procures UV-A LED dies from Epileds, and has huge potential in developing products for other wavelength markets. UV light sources are used by several industries, so the demand for UV LEDs has been quite high. Apart from that, UV LED lifespan is much shorter than average LEDs, resulting in continuous replacement demand. According to industry estimate High Power Lighting?s revenue will continue to grow in 2016.

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