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How color temperature helps you choose right LED bulbs

How color temperature helps you choose right LED bulbs

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June 15, 2017: In a rather technical and broad sense, color temperature of a light source can be defined as the temperature of a black body radiator in Kelvin (K) that emits light of a shade that is comparable to that produced by the light source. However, if you don’t quite understand the physics behind light, then this definition may seem confusing to you. Hence, a simpler definition would be suitable.

The temperature of a red hot object can be about 600 degrees centigrade. As against this, the temperature of a white hot object temperature of 7000 degrees or even more.

How color temperature helps you choose right LED bulbs

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At elevated object temperature, the production of light tends to enhance. Hence, energy from the sun comprises of 60 % heat and 40% light. On the other hand, a light bulb produces 90 % heat and 10% energy.

The incandescent bulb is extremely close to the perfect black body radiator. Besides this, other sources of light are fluorescent, metal halide and LED lights emit lights by other methods rather than heating. The word Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is frequently applied to such light sources and is an efficient yardstick to compare varied light sources.

Why is color temperature important?

Color temperature is chiefly significant in desktop publishing and in photography .Differences in color temperature may lead to disparities in color rendering.

The color temperature of lights is important for homes as well as offices as varied colors of light have diverse psychological effect and are selected as cool or warm. Incongruously, it is to be noted that warm lights have lower color temperature and on the other hand the cool lights have high temperatures.

Cool and warm hence refers not to the color temperature but to psychosomatic characteristics of lighting. The light from incandescent bulbs and wood burning fires is yellowish in color.

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The preference of light color temperature is administered by the look you wish to make in an area. Lights of diverse color temperature are described by their resemblance to known sources or with characteristic adjectives.

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