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How LED lighting can make a breakout area relaxing

How LED lighting can make a breakout area relaxing

By BizLED Bureau

May 20, 2017:  A relaxing area  or a breakout area is very essential both at home and in office. In fact, the whole concept of the resting area is that you can escape from your work station and spend some refreshing time. A suitable space at workplace where you can think, talk, share and relax can help in productivity and well-being of the people. Hence, the area needs to look different as compared to other spaces in the office. One of the ways to make this area lively and relaxing to have proper lighting, and LED lighting is the best way to get the actual relaxing atmosphere.

Break out areas usually need to be lit brightly with cooler color temperatures that will help keep you alert as well as relaxed. Others will need warmer color temperatures and lower lighting levels to help you relax and recharge.

Choice of LED lights

free-standing LED luminaire that suits the home atmosphere is an effective approach that will set the relaxing area apart from other spaces. You have numerous options in the market as several manufacturers are making this kind of LED lights and fittings as the demand is rising for application based light fittings.

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As they offer pools of light, you must think about how many you require depending on the furniture and the size of the area. These free-standing LED lights clearly distinguish the area from the corridors and offices.

If you can reduce the height of the ceiling with a false ceiling, it greatly impacts the lighting of the area. Also, try to hide the luminaires and the filling materials inside this false ceiling. While some may prefer to entirely recess the downlights others prefer to make them stick out in a slight manner.

If you use narrow beam spotlights, the area will look rather dramatic, and the space will look relaxing to the eyes. You can opt for slim, cylindrical pendants that work well where there is only a little space between the slats.

For these areas, you can use recessed lights with square frames. The optical control can be darklight with satin reflector, and the average horizontal illuminance on desk can be 200-300lx.

You can also use LED pendants for relaxing areas. LED PAR lamps give the right beam widths as they are fairly narrow. Well-designed LED luminaires have central cylinder of frosted glass which glows, and helps in resting properly.

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The general appearance of this system is dependent tremendously on the style of lampshade. There is an enormous range of commercial pendants in each style.

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