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How to avoid LED lighting breakdown

How to avoid LED lighting breakdown

By BizLED Bureau

June 9, 2017: There are indeed a number of benefits of LEDs such as elimination of replacement cost and time, reduction of heat emittance, energy efficiency etc. However, the true worth of these lights can be traced only through their performance guarantee, according to Jody Cloud, a lighting consultant.

Cloud added that as far as LED lamp breakdown is concerned, the industry standard is 3%. How acceptable the rate really is? LEDs tend to breakdown early if they are going to stop working at all, he added.

Cloud observed that breakdown of a number of LED lamps and fixtures are being increasing reported with failure rates reaching as high as 20%. This happens due to a number of issues and is usually a direct consequence of insufficient quality control, inferior construction, etc.

Cloud has listed out four steps to avoid LED lighting breakdown. These are

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Monitor the source

Shocking as it may seem, but the core cause of LED lighting breakdown is how and where they are manufactured- the source, thus, monitoring it is of utmost importance, pointed out Cloud.

He also added that right from the chips that produce light to the kind of lens, in order for an LED to operate in a proper way and supply satisfactory light output, its components should be long-lasting.

Investigate on lamp testing

To reduce the chances of LED lighting breakdown, Cloud suggest that you request the manufacture about lamp testing methods. Most of the manufacturers conduct a thorough test prior to sipping such LED products. By correctly testing LEDs prior to shipping, LED breakdown can be caught, pointed out Cloud.

Make sure UL certification is genuine

Nowadays, some LEDs come with fake Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark and hence, it is extremely necessary to check the authenticity. You can do so by visiting the free UL Online Certifications Directory, says Cloud. He advises to use this tool in order to confirm UL classification and also that you receive genuine products that are safe.

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Look out for DLC qualification

Design Lights Consortium (DLC) is a venture of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships which takes cases of LED lighting breakdown and also helps to reduce or prevent such cases altogether. Hence, you need to look out and opt for those LEDs that have been qualified by DLC, recommends Cloud.

Lastly, Cloud says that if these steps are followed properly, you may as well benefit the most out of LED lighting system.

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  1. There are many reasons for the failure LED. First, LED chips, many LED manufacturers vacuity power, resulting in the finished product in the production process, the current is too large, resulting in LED lamp failure。
    Secondly, electrolytic capacitor failure due to LED lights finished high temperature, resulting in dry electrolyte, resulting in LED lamp failure.
    We produce lamp beads bulb used is through LM-80 test, full power lamp beads
    Temperature design, our bulb using thermal plastic clad aluminum shell,
    Increase lamp beads arranged,
    Use a smaller current to drive the LED lights.
    We insist on using high-quality lamp beads, high quality electrolytic capacitors, constant current driver IC, to ensure that our high-quality products

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