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How to fix the glare from your LED lamps

How to fix the glare from your LED lamps

By BizLED Bureau

May 30, 2017: It really hurts the eyes when any of the lights at home, in school or at the library glares or flickers. A lot of care, therefore, needs to be taken at the final installation phase of LED lighting.

Lighting designers and interior decorators often face the challenge of glare. They have to deal with the challenge of providing sufficient light for reading or onto an object with no discomfort to the eyes of the users.

Lighting designers point out that the best lighting is not the source but where the cast of light is seen. They also explain that, unless a light source if shielded, light will shine bright and will glare into the eye. Hence, spotlighting becomes an challenging activity for the designers.

Here’s how you can cut down on the glare if a lighting fixture is not shielded.

  1. The beam angle of the lighting fixture should not be too wide. This will control the light from hitting the eye directly; instead it will fall on the object it is required to.
  2. Choose an LED lamp/bulb that is deep inside the fixture. This is possible if you use a baffled fixture that is tube or cylinder shaped. This will control the light from spilling out too much.
  3. You can also put another tube onto the fixture of an LED light, which puts the source deep enough to hide it inside, reducing the bright light to hit the eyes.
  4. Some fixtures simply hide the LED from the eye of the user with the help of a honeycombe louvre, which is used to prevent glare from the lamp.
  5. Users should be aware of the fact that if LED chips behind lenses are unprotected, they may give good output as the LED lies bare, but it is very harsh to the eye.
  6. If you want to spend a little more on the project, then you can go for smart LED lighting and controls to dim the lights whenever required.
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  1. Glare always come from LENS design ability & material application.

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