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LED lighting has become popular in hospitality segment

LED lighting has become popular in hospitality segment

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 18, 2015: When a guest enters the hotel for the first time, it?s the lighting that gives him the ?feel of the place?. Of all the elements in a hotel, lighting has the greatest potential if a hotelier wants to accentuate architecture and decor. There are immense creative possibilities to design an appealing and dynamic ambience through lighting to achieve that extra edge to attract the guests.

Now the question arises, how do we create a perfect ambience through lighting keeping in mind the budget and its impact on environment? Over the past few years, LED lighting has become extremely popular in the hospitality segment and has acted as a game changer for the hotel lighting landscape. Most of the hotels today are seen replacing halogen and CFL lights with LED lights. Hotels are aware that LEDs are not only energy efficient but also easy on maintenance because of their long life ? ten times the life of ordinary bulbs.

Speaking to hospitalitybizindia.com, VP Mahendru, chairman and managing director, Eon Electric Ltd, said, ?If we analyse the energy usage pattern of the hospitality industry as a whole, there is 24×7 usage of electricity particularly for lighting purposes. Going through facts, in hotels 42% of energy is consumed for lighting, of which 70% is inefficient. Isn?t it a great idea if we could do cost cutting on this aspect, for which usage of LED lighting is one of the most efficient ways. LED lights will save costs apart from adding to the quality of light. These LED lights hardly require any maintenance and their lifespan is very long ? upto 10 years.?

LED lights are aesthetically very appealing. They create great ambience and come in a wide range of lumens of light and colours for different purposes depending on requirement and preference. There are strip lights that can be used for bar areas, stair -cases and hotel lawns as they require dim light. Marquee lights are perfect to light up signs. Bug lights are especially designed for outdoor areas, as they produce soft yellow light which shoes insects away. For the outdoor spaces, LED floodlights do the job of highlighting the leafy greens of graceful trees and attractive contours and greenery of parks. For existing lighting installations, hotels are also using more and more LED retrofit lamps. This is because they directly replace traditional energy guzzling ?light bulbs?. These straight swap changes are possible in hotel rooms, corridors, reception areas, restaurants, signage and display.

A very special introduction in LED lighting segment is that of dimmers. Dimmers extend the longevity of a lamp and reduce unnecessary energy load. Also when architecturally available, daylight harvesting (reducing the use of artificial lighting when natural daylight is sufficient) tied to light-level dimmer controls is a great way to reduce energy consumption. Where before, energy wasting incandescent lighting was the only dimmer-friendly option, LED lighting can now be controlled to ?set the scene? more efficiently, saving you money and the nation, energy.

Hospitality industry is poised for expansion in India and will be increasingly relying on LEDs to enhance energy efficiency and enhance the user experience and comfort. LED lights provide better efficiency, durability and reliability as compared to conventional lighting systems. Another important aspect which enhances the benefits of LED Lights for this industry is the use of sensors which are often embedded in these light systems. The smart automation technology present in LED source of lighting allows one to use light as per requirement. This latest addition to the performance of LED Lights can sense motion of a person and acts accordingly.

One can use wall lights to shine the spotlight onto attractive pictures or paintings. Uplighters can be used to add a soft mood lighting and ambience to the room. Many wall lights can be used with ultra energy-efficient LED bulbs or come with them built-in. This gives double benefits-energy efficiency and eco friendliness. Led sensors are not expensive to set up and can be used practically anywhere in and out of the house. LED lights can be used with existing fixtures too, as they are also available in retrofits. LED lights are very eco-friendly too.

Replacing traditional lights with LEDs is the need of the hour for the hospitality industry. Even the LED manufacturers are coming up with innovative technologies and solutions. The future of LED lighting is glowing brighter every day.

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